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A baby’s diet is paramount to their health, so we showcase a selection of quality food brands designed to provide babies and toddlers with nutritious meal choices.

Feeding our babies and toddlers nutritious meals is one of the most important things we can do for their health and overall wellbeing. We know the challenges of modern living often means we’re time-starved, and subsequently there are some days when it just isn’t possible to make our kids’ meals from scratch. Commercially produced, shop sold baby foods have come a long way over the years, and there is now a plethora of brands that produce foods that are natural, organic, and free from chemical nasties. Here follows some of our favourite finds.

Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen is one of the most versatile baby food brands currently on the market, offering meal options for babies who are weaning and readying to eat solid food, as well as older children who yearn for more adventurous menu choices. Main meal options include Veggie Lasagne and Chicken Casserole, and they also sell frozen food options, which is great for parents who like to stock up. Ella’s Kitchen is 100% organic and main meals feature at least one vegetable option typically carrots, parsnips or peas.

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Oliver’s Cupboard

Oliver’s Cupboard is one of the new kids on the block, created by mum, Sadia Ahmed who set out to produce a range of baby food that celebrated inclusivity and diversity through flavour. It brings together flavours from all over the world and is organic and Halal and therefore suitable for all. Flavours include Tom Yum, Korma and Bahia.

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Annabel Karmel

With meal offerings that look and taste like actual food, you certainly can’t go wrong with Annabel Karmel. This fantastic brand is award-winning and it’s easy to see why – it’s loved by both children and parents alike due to the super-quick, delicious, healthy frozen and chilled meals produced by the brand. Available to purchase at most major supermarkets.

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For Aisha

Made with 100% natural ingredients, For Aisha is the number one destination for Halal baby food. The brand is committed to introducing children to a wide variety of ingredients and recipes to broaden their palates, so they can make healthier food choices in years to come and embrace all cuisines. The range includes mouth-watering options like Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry, Salmon and Sweet Potato Mash and Shepherd’s Pie to name a few.

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This bestselling baby food brand launched nearly 30 years ago with a clear mission: to create tasty and nutritious children’s food using the best organic ingredients. Since those humble beginnings Organix has emerged as one of the most recognised and influential baby food manufacturers on the market, leading the way for other brands to follow. Famed Organix snacks include rice cakes, veggie sticks, and carrot stick, and they are great for when you are on the go – perfect for bubba to munch and hold onto to their little hearts’ content.

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Little Dish

Little Dish is a yummy selection of nutritious meals designed for the 1-5 age bracket. The brand, which launched 15 years ago, believe that little ones should enjoy food with a ‘homecooked’ essence instead of being forced to consume overly processed foods that are bland and unappealing.  Low in salt, 100% natural and with no added sugar, Little Dish offers a wide and varied menu including beef lasagne and chicken and veg risotto.

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Babease aims to make the weaning process fun for babies and toddlers, and that’s definitely been achieved with this exciting range that offers a stunning menu that even makes us want to lick our lips: how does Lentil and Veggie Bake or Keralan Vegetable Curry made with pumpkin, chickpeas, brown rice and mild masala tickle your fancy? For added convenience mums and dads can order Babease subscription boxes allowing you to curate the perfect mealtimes tailored to your little one’s taste.

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