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It can be very overwhelming sifting through the internet to find the right products when you are expecting, especially when it’s your first! Thankfully The Baby Show has got you covered.

Not only do you get to see lots of big and small brands under one roof, but experts are also on hand to answer all those questions you have too. Our top tip is to go prepared, write a list so you get what you came for, and a few extra goodies might end up in your bag along the way.

TMC Founders Jess And Lauren Show You Their Best Buys..

Jessica Lawes
Co-Founder & Head of Brand Partnerships

The Baby Show for me has always been about the deals on the key larger pieces. The pram bundles and the electronics. I love to browse the brands I’ve never seen before. There are so many innovative products out there now

Lauren Webber
Co-Founder & Editor

The Baby Show is a great day out. Having one place to buy everything you need for your baby is exactly what every busy parent needs. I like to browse the latest gadgets and test drive the best prams!

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