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Warm yourself up this weekend and treat yourself to our favourite luxury bath and beauty products.

Bathroom full of kid’s crap? Scroll right down to the bottom for some expert tips on reclaiming the room.

The Best Luxury Bath Products

How-to turn your bathroom into a spa
How-to turn your bathroom into a spa

We love fine fragranced candles but you don’t want to burn too many and overload on scent. Plus, lighting them all takes ages. Instead light your pricey wicks and then get some battery operated candles that you can just flick on. We love using little tea lights and placing them all over the floor to create a spa like effect.

Dunelm Bubble LED Candle White
The best time to use a mask
The best time to use a mask

Make use of the soak time and get all your masks on as soon as you get in the bath. From face to hair, just slap it all on and multi-mask yourself to a whole new you. *Expert tip: Put a shower cap or towel turban over your hair to increase the effectiveness of your hair mask.

APOTHECARY Revive Clarifying Mask 75ml, M&S

The Best Way to Reclaim Your Bathroom and Clear Away Your Kid’s Crap

Someday, way back in the time before babies began, our bathrooms used to look pretty zen. 

It was a space where we could shut ourselves off after a hectic day and rest our weary limbs. 

But since our sprogs arrived, it’s just another room we have to tidy up, and the notion of soaking next to a plastic-filled net feels as relaxing as a trip to our in-laws.

But in a bid to fit in some ‘achievable’ me-time, we’ve decided that Barbie & Co need to do one, and we’re going to be reclaiming our bathrooms for good!

*Or at least until the next kiddie bath time.

To help you feel less stressed about the clear-up, we’ve enlisted Professional Organiser You Need a Vicky to share her best transformational tips. From the top bath toy storage solutions to how she tidies up in a hurry – she makes it seem like a doddle. 

We’ve also rounded up our favourite luxury bath products. So when you can actually be bothered to get undressed – it’s going to be really worth it! 

How to transform your bathroom like a pro
How to transform your bathroom like a pro

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is more tidying but Professional Organiser, ‘You Need a Vicky’, explains you can make the transformation easy by using a toy caddy. “I keep my kids’ bath toys in a caddy. That way I just lift it out and place it out of sight when I want to get in.”

Munchkin Bath Toy Caddy
Best bathroom toy storage tips
Best bathroom toy storage tips

Another way is to have two big baskets or boxes – one for you and one for them. “Yes, nets are popular and a great way to tidy quickly, but they’re not very attractive”, says Vicky. “It doesn’t take a lot more time to pop it in a basket or box. But make sure it’s waterproof or at the very least plastic lined, as this will prevent mould forming and make it easy to wipe clean.”

Plastic Lined Basket
The best bathroom storage for your luxury bath products
The best bathroom storage for your luxury bath products

Tiny inquisitive hands? Place breakable luxury bath products in a storage solution that’s slightly harder to get into. That way they’ll stay intact until it’s time to transform the room.

Wicker Storage Trunk

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