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Our skin goes through a plethora of rollercoaster changes when we are pregnant and even more so when baby arrives. As we know, during pregnancy our hormones go into overdrive, and this directly impacts the condition of our skin. Changes you may experience during the pregnancy stage include dark patches (melasma), sensitive skin, itchy skin, and blotchy spots. And when your bundle of joy arrives? You can add a sprinkle of sleep deprivation, stress and potential skin flare-ups including acne, excessive dryness, and oily skin to the mix.

Reviving tired ‘mum’ skin

Reviving tired mum skin may seem like an impossible task when you have a baby to tend to, but here to make the job easier is a brand-new skincare range, WOAH Skincare. The collection, available exclusively at NEXT, was created to target common skincare ailments with products made with quality, high-performance ingredients.

WOAH is a 16-piece vegan skincare line that is gentle on the skin, so ideally suited to the needs of mums who often experience skin sensitivity both during the pre-natal and post-natal stage. The range was crafted by UK skincare experts who have been inspired by the needs of real people, so it works on all skin types regardless of age or skin concern.

Products are blended with gentle, essential ingredients like ceramides, rose water, peptides and retinol among others to soothe and calm the skin. Better yet, WOAH skincare uniquely is designed to work in tandem with one another and is categorised into a simple step-by-step routine for your convenience, specifically: Calm, Soothe, Refresh, Brighten, Restore and Hydrate.

One of our TMC mum’s puts the products to the test:

My AM/PM WOAH Skincare Routine

Although I’m a mum who is a few years removed from the newborn baby stage, my skin definitely hasn’t been the greatest of late. I typically have combination skin but recently it’s been plagued by dryness, and no matter how many hydrating products I tend to apply or glasses of water I guzzle down in a day, nothing seems to combat the dryness. As a result, I was naturally drawn to the Hydrating, Refreshing and the Soothing collections in particular from WOAH Skincare to help get my skin back to a smooth, balanced state.

AM Skin Routine

1. Cleanse

First, I wash my face with Refreshing Gel Cleanser, £10 from the Refresh Collection made with vitamin C and ginseng. The consistency of this cleanser is thick like treacle and forms a good amount of lather when I add a few drops of water and cleanse my skin in a circular motion.

2. Refresh

Next, I applied Vitamin C Serum, £18 from the Refresh collection, which is supercharged with the famed citrus ingredient renowned for its skin brightening, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This formula is concentrated in a 30ml bottle and is complemented by additional ingredients of caffeine and hyaluronic acid. As the serum comes into contact with my skin it instantly feels cooling and makes my tired and dull skin come alive and feel refreshed and revived.

3. Moisturise

For those who suffer from dry skin will know that a good hydrating moisturiser is top of the wish list when it comes to skincare. Moisture Boost Cream, £16 from the Soothe Collection boasts a pretty thick consistency which immediately scores high points. I slathered all over my face and neck and it seeped into my skin and left it feeling hydrated without any greasy residue. This formula contains peptides and niacinamide to plump the skin and form a protective barrier. It’s also light on the scent side so ideally suited to those with sensitive skin types.

PM Skin Routine

1. Evening Cleanse.

After hectic days spent juggling work with the kids, I like to keep my nighttime skin routine simplified while also ensuring it’s effective. I start with Hot Cloth Cleanser, £12 from the Soothe Collection, which is formulated with aromatic eucalyptus oil and blended with calming green tea. The formula is quite rich, so I added a bit of warm water, and then worked it into a creamy lather and massaged into the skin in a circular motion. After rinsing, my skin felt slightly tingly and super clean, and not at all stripped of its natural smoothness like some cleansers tend to do.

2. Recover

To replace all the moisture and hydration depleted from my skin during the day I apply a few drops of Recovery Serum, £18 from the Restore Collection to my face and neck and massage into my skin. This formula contains lavender, retinol, and peptides which when combined feels like a soothing balm to the skin, leaving it feeling so soft and plump.

3. Nourish

My skin absolutely loved luxuriating in the enriched goodness of Recovery Night Cream, £16 from the Restore Collection. The formula is so intensely enriched that it feels like you’re treating your skin to an intensive rejuvenating treatment. I apply it to my face and neck before hitting the sack and instantly felt the extra silky smoothness of my skin’s texture.

The ultimate skin care collection

As time-starved mums with minimal spare time on our hands to extensively research every product that comes our way, I love the fact that WOAH takes out all the guesswork with its comprehensive, easy-to-follow skincare categorisation system that cleverly targets your specific skin issue so you can select the most appropriate products. The range is great for us sensitive skin sufferers due to the gentle ingredients utilised, and the moderate price point means it is accessible to many.

WOAH Skincare is available exclusively at Next, visit next.co.uk for further information

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