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Job Decription

Franchise Quality Co-Ordinator.

We are seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Franchise Quality Co-Ordinator. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring consistent quality standards and adherence to operational guidelines across our franchise network. You will play a crucial role in maintaining the reputation of our brand by safeguarding the excellence of services, and customer experiences.


• Develop and Implement Quality Standards: Collaborate with the leadership team to establish comprehensive quality control standards for our events and operations in the franchise network. These standards should align with the company’s overall vision and core values.

• Conduct Audits and Inspections: Regularly conduct thorough audits and inspections of franchise locations to assess compliance with established quality standards, operational procedures, and brand guidelines. Identify areas of improvement and provide constructive feedback to franchisees.

• Compliance Monitoring: Ensure that all franchises are up to date with necessary licenses, DBS checks etc.

• Training and Development: Help develop and deliver comprehensive quality control training programs for franchisees from social media training, to set up and location scouting. Ensure that franchisees are trained on quality standards and best practices.

• Issue Resolution: Act as the central point of contact for franchisees regarding quality-related concerns and issues. Promptly address and resolve any reported quality control problems, working closely with franchisees to implement effective corrective actions.

• Brand Partnerships: Oversee and attend branded events, ensuring impeccable representation and adherence to quality standards.

• Data Analysis and Reporting: Collect and analyse quality-related data from franchise locations to identify which areas are performing and underperforming.

• Franchisee Support and Communication: Work under Franchise Manager to provide ongoing support to franchisees in matters related to quality control. Maintain open and effective communication channels to ensure a cohesive network.

Candidate Requirements:

• Strong knowledge of quality assurance methodologies, compliance standards, and best practices.

• Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with franchisees and other stakeholders.

• Ability to prioritise tasks, work independently, and meet tight deadlines.

• Problem-solving mindset with a proactive approach to continuous improvement.

• Willingness to travel to various franchise locations as needed.

• Join our dynamic team and contribute to the success and reputation of our franchise network by ensuring outstanding quality control standards across all locations. As the Franchise Network Quality Control Assistant, you will have a direct impact on enhancing customer satisfaction and maintaining the integrity of our brand.

• 4/5 9am-3pm Days per week.

• Salary on request

Please send CV and cover letter to: Lauren@themumclub.com