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Need help convincing your child to eat their veg? Or maybe you’re dealing with a toddler who hates getting dressed in the morning.

Whatever fuss your little one is making, the following tricks, tips, and toys, will make your life a LOT easier.

Read on to find out how….

Getting dressed

When you’re in a hurry to get out the door, the last thing you need is a tantrum to slow you down. But those tiny humans hate to be rushed. So, even if you’re internally panicking, try and stay calm and follow our tips to help you save time in the long run:

• Get them excited. Sing or play a song about getting dressed to make it more fun.

• Offer your child options. Not only will this make it feel like a game, but it will give them a sense of empowerment and make them feel happier about the process.

• Compliment them. Once clothed, create a fuss over how they look and ask them to give you a twirl. The rewarding feeling will instil a good message over getting dressed and will hopefully avert future meltdowns.

*When you have more time or are not going anywhere, use a doll to show them how to take clothes on and off. We love to use the CoComelon Interactive JJ Doll £31.99, as it has removable clothing and plays a dressing up song that we sing back to our children when we’re in more of a rush.

School run fun

Make the school or nursery run a positive experience by talking about the day ahead, before you get in the car. Mentioning things they might do or the friends they’ll see will help them visualise a happy place they want to go to.

Need some more help? The CoComelon Musical Yellow School Bus, £24.99, is a brilliant tool that helps show them how baby JJ gets on the bus to go to school. We like to sing along as the toy plays ‘Wheels on the bus’ and then finish it off by saying ‘off to school, off to school’, and we sing it on our way to the car. <BR.
Granted, we look a little mad, but it beats the neighbours seeing us force screaming children into their seats. (P.S. that happens too).

No stress car starts

Even if you’re taking them to their favourite place, kids can sometimes just decide, ‘Nope, the car life just ain’t for me’.

Try giving them choices rather than ordering them to get in. Ask them which toy they’d like to take with them. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have two cars that you can take, ask them which one they’d like to go in. If children think they’ve decided to do something themselves, they’re more likely to do it.

Potty? No problem!

Potty training might seem like the scariest thing ever, especially if you’ve got new carpets! But even though it took a fair amount of time and effort, the following tips helped us:

1. Let them choose. Get them involved in every stage and let them choose which one they’d like and where it goes (with guidance, obvs).

2. Play with a toy. The CoComelon Deluxe Family House Playset, £34.99, has a little potty inside the house that you can put the tiny JJ figure on and is a fun way to teach your child about potty training without putting pressure on them.

3. Set time aside. Dedicate a weekend (ideally one with warm weather) where your child can run around nappy free. They’ll find it so fun, and you’ll spend the weekend on poo patrol. Yay for you!

Learning to share

To be honest, we don’t even like sharing, so we get why kids don’t want to. That being said, grabby shouty situations make us feel all kinds of awkward.

So ease off the stress and follow our tips to improve your child’s caring and sharing persona.

• Try encouraging them to take turns with toys and instigate activities where more than one person is involved. This could be something as simple as putting toys away together or building blocks.

• Encourage role-play with dolls and show your child how to share by pretending that the doll is playing and sharing their toys with you.

Say YES to veg!

Even if you weaned your child on to green veg first, they can still change their minds whenever they so please.

Here are some tips to keep them on track:

• Play the ‘Yes yes vegetables’ song from Cocomelon. This is a great tool to use when encouraging your child to eat healthily, as it makes the experience more fun.

• Use playtime. The CoComelon Interactive JJ Doll, £31.99, is such a fun tool for your child to pretend with, as they can feed JJ his peas and watch them magically disappear. It also plays the ‘Yes yes vegetables’ song, which they’ll love and recognise from the show.

• Lead by example. When children see you doing something, they’re more likely to follow your lead. And even if you don’t want to have mealtimes as early as them, snacking on a few veggies won’t hurt. So take a few aside and show them that you’re eating your greens too.

Get them to sleep

Pre-kids we swore routines would never be for us. It just sounded so uptight and uncool. But we’ll tell you what’s not cool. A child that won’t go to sleep! And what’s the best way to help them along? Yep, you guessed it. A routine.

Meet our best tips for keeping bedtime fun for all:

• Have a few songs in your locker so you don’t feel like you’re always singing the same thing.

• Bring out toys like the Cocomelon Bedtime JJ Doll, £27.99, which is an excellent cue for instigating sleep. The doll has a loveable ‘Yes yes bedtime’ singalong song, which basically does your job for you. And is especially good when you’re all out of inspo.

• So your child doesn’t feel like they’re the only one going to sleep. Pretend that their JJ doll is going to bed too and put him down together.

TMC Reviews

Aimee from Northampton

Deluxe JJ Interactive Doll is aesthetically very lovely to look at. Really similar to the tv show which my son loves. He loves to feed his babies milk and pretend food so when I saw this toy with the interactive feeding I thought it would be right up his street and I was not disappointed! Initially he struggled to feed his his doll but once he figured it out there is no stopping him. He just loves the way the peas come on to the spoon and that he can feed the baby. Overall my son loves the toy and it’s super hard wearing so I think will become a firm loved favourite in our house!

Frances from Berkshire

My daughter absolutely loves her Bedtime JJ Doll and is forever pressing the tummy to hear the song. It has become a favourite of hers and is such a big help when settling her for bedtime. Best thing about it is that it’s super soft too – she can’t do bedtime without it.

Amy From Northampton

The figurines are good representation of the characters and my little boy loved walking Baby JJ around the house, putting him to bed and letting ‘mummy relax on the sofa’. The playhouse is such a good way for my little one to enjoy role-play and do all of the things that he sees going on around the house. He loves to open and close the little fridge pretending to make dinner in the Kitchen and letting Baby JJ sit on the sofa to eat his snacks. He absolutely loved the tunes and couldn’t get enough of pressing the button to hear some of his favourite Cocomelon songs. (Although – would also be even better if the tunes were the full songs, or slightly lengthier versions – Henry kept pressing to hear more of the song as he was trying to sing along but there is only a little snippet. This playhouse has been carried around from room to room in our house since he opened it, he absolutely loves that he can put all of the pieces back inside and close it up to take with him.

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