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It feels crazy to be thinking about going ‘Back to School’ already. But all Mums know that summer holidays = CHAOS, and before we can say ‘Where’s the bottle opener?’, we’re shopping for shirts and skirts, realising nothing is left.

So, to remove the stress and ensure you get the items you want, we’ve teamed up with Next to bring you our ultimate ‘Back to School’ items. From the prettiest pinafore to the coolest trainers they’ve got the lot.

The TMC team shows you their favourite picks to make life a little easier…

Lauren Webber
Co-Founder & Editor

Being prepared is the only way I can function. A one stop shop to get everything ordered as summer breaks up stops me from going into meltdown during the Summer months, as I juggle childcare and work.

In Lauren’s Basket…

Jessica Lawes
Co-Founder & Head of Brand Parternships

My youngest twin boys start school this September. So my school admin will double! I have no other choice then to bulk buy well in advance so that we are ready to go and all four of my kids have everything they need.

In Jessica’s Basket…

Luzaan Shaw
Editorial Assistant

I find it amazing how quickly my girls’ clothes disappear! Just when I think I’m organised enough by buying bigger sizes, lasting them a few years, something usually needs replacing.

In Luzaan’s Basket…

Jessica Aanensen
Franchise Co-ordinator

When you first get through the uniform list it can be so overwhelming. I’m just thankful that times have changed since I was younger and I no longer have to drag my kids around the shops to get everything they need.

In Jessica’s Basket

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