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Want to help your baby’s brain develop? Encourage better learning? And increase the number of hours your child sleeps at night?

Yep, we thought we’d get you with the last one.

Well, if you’re not already, it might be time to give them MINAMI’s DHA+EPA Liquid Kids + Vitamin D.

Read on to find out why…

Do children need Omega-3 fish oils?

Absolutely! Omega-3 is essential for the healthy development of a child’s brain, and the need for it starts right at the beginning of their lives (a few weeks after conception – to be exact).

Why is it so important?

Not just excellent brain food, Omega-3 is incredibly effective at supporting the healthy development of children. And some evidence suggests that low levels of Omega-3 in children may increase their susceptibility to allergies, as well as poor immune function.

At what age can children take an Omega-3 supplement?

Aged one and over.

Why is quality so important?

In the same way that organic food is superior to bog-standard fodder. Omega-3s are not all created equal. MINAMI DHA+EPA Liquid Kids + Vitamin D has a higher level of purity, and each batch is tested for contaminants and is free from solvents, fillers and saturated fats. MINAMI also has a ‘Friend of the Sea’ certification (an international organisation that protects the oceans and promote sustainable fishing and aquaculture), which means that all of MINAMI’s fish oils come from unendangered fish.

What are the dangers of buying a cheap Omega-3?

It’s crucial to invest in superior quality rather than opting for something cheaper, as they may not have been adequately tested and could include contaminants that may act as neurotoxins for your child.

Can’t I just give them some oily fish?

It’s true, you can receive Omega-3 by eating more mackerel, anchovies and sardines, but this needs to be in their weekly diet, and it’s not always something that children like to eat. Taking an Omega-3 supplement can be a more convenient way of ensuring they have this essential nutrient. Especially if you use one like MINAMI DHA+EPA Liquid Kids + Vitamin D, as it comes in berry and orange flavour and will please even the pickiest of taste buds.

Do my children need to take Vitamin D?

100% yes! We all need to increase our levels of Vitamin D. So taking it alongside Omega-3, in a supplement like MINAMI DHA+EPA Liquid Kids + Vitamin D, is a great way to tick off two things at once.

What is DHA?

DHA is a type of Omega-3 and is believed to help improve children’s mental skills, including thinking, remembering and learning. Introducing DHA via daily supplements can be an excellent way to support your kids at crucial stages in their lives. The right amount of DHA may also increase the number of hours they sleep each night – now, who doesn’t want that?

What is EPA?

EPA is another essential fatty acid in Omega-3. As we get older, we have a greater need for EPA, so it’s vital to adjust the amount you give as your child ages. Sounds way too complicated? Use a fish oil supplement like MINAMI, which has specific formulations to suit different age groups.

MINAMI website – https://www.minamihealth.co.uk/?utm_source=themumclub&utm_medium=brandedcontent&utm_campaign=liquidkids

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