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Let’s face it being a mum is a big enough job on its own. It’s a full time commitment with no pay and mad hours! So adding ANOTHER full time job to the mix is not only very impressive but also massively inspiring. We recently spoke to Mini Bloom Founder Lauren Wolk Goldfaden to find out how she manages it all..

Explain what you do in a sentence?

Liaise between our teams, retail partners and vendors – mostly just get stuff done!

How long have you done your job?

14 years

What’s the coolest thing about it?

The opportunity to meet and work with the most incredible and inspirational people.

”I’ve loved using the mini bloom range and was so pleased to see a huge range of natural, organic ingredients in each product. That’s super important to me as I have one child with eczema and a four month old who I am breastfeeding so the nipple balm in particular is brilliant as there is no need to wipe off before feeding ??”

Chloe Massini
What does your day or week entail?

My schedule is never the same – which I think keeps me on my toes; it’s a juggle between school drop offs, zoom meetings, recently in-person lunch meetings (yay), calls, and hopefully in-person events and more international travel soon.

Where did you start out?

Working as a project manager at an Advertising Agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Trying to always find “the right” balance between my career and family.

What piece of advice would you give to someone hoping to do the same?

Listen to your gut, trust your instinct and do what’s best for YOU and your family. It’s not about comparing yourself to others.

Something you’ve learnt that is crucial to either your job or to success:

That “NO” just means “Not for now”. It’s something that I truly live by because we are in an everchanging world so everything shifts…We have to adapt to our current surroundings so timing is often times everything.

‘We are absolutely loving the toot toot balm – it has really soothed our little ones nappy rash & comes in a super handy squeeze bottle – perfect for on the go. The fresh and clean hair and body wash comes in a large pump bottle, making it easy to use when you have your hands full! It has a smooth and silky consistency which is so soft on the babies skin! 

Love these products !’

Harley Waller
How important is it to switch off?

Extremely! Once you get burned out, it’s so hard to come back. Set aside a time of day where you put it all down…

How do you manage your work / life balance?

It’s always evolving, but some of the things that keep me balanced are: -Learn to say no… -Manage other people’s expectations (mostly in regard to time) – taking care of my mental and physical health – I take time for ME each day and it allows me to face each day with my best foot forward.

How do you manage mum guilt?

Firstly, I have created a tight knit group of women that I lean on and are in my circle that are only supportive (most of the “mom guilt”, In my opinion, comes from other women that are not supportive. Secondly, I keep a very open dialog in my home – I speak to my family openly about what I am doing so that it allows them to know exactly what to expect so that there are no disappointments.

How did you get over the feeling of missing your baby when you went back to work?

Facetime and pictures throughout the day!

The nappy rash cream is an absolute winner! Healed up my sons Little’s sores over night!!

Bianca Williams – Olympian

You can buy Mini Bloom here:A Little Find Victoria Health Amelia Nour

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