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I’m the mother of two amazingly kind, smart and compassionate boys who are literally the beat of my heart. Having stated that, I never shy away from admitting that I always thought I’d have at least one daughter. As a lifetime girlie girl who places deep value on the bond between women, I always harboured idealistic notions of being the mother of a girl and being able to share my words of wisdom as she blossoms into womanhood, as well as my wardrobe and makeup stash. But as destiny would have it, it was written in the stars that I would be a #BoyMum. Suffice to say it has been an incredible journey of fun, lots of laughs, adventure and new discoveries. Here follows some of the main reasons I love being a boy mum.  

You get to fully immerse in boyish stuff.

I’ve always been unashamedly girlie. I was the little girl who wore pink frilly dresses, played with Barbie dolls and loved reading fairy tales where the princess was swept off her feet by the gallant prince. To say my understanding of what we regard as ‘typical boy’ behaviour and pursuits was limited is an understatement. Becoming a mum to my two boys has helped me discover a brand-new world of toy trains (Hey, Thomas & Friends), police cars with noisy sirens, badass superheroes, fire trucks and football stickers.

They challenge your beliefs and help you grow.

Having stated the above, it’s also worth noting that my boys often surprise me just when I think I have them sussed them out by going against gender stereotypes. For instance, it’s not unusual for my youngest to ask for the princess tiara instead of the racing car when we’re out shopping at the supermarket and he’s trying to bag a treat. His confidence to do so without feeling it somehow emasculates him or makes him feel less of a boy is truly refreshing to me. Our outlook on gender identity has changed so much in society in recent years, and I can only imagine there will be a time in the future when this particular point won’t even be worthy of discussion, as it will simply be the norm as we edge into an era of gender neutrality.

Boys clothing is pretty cool.

Another unexpected discovery since becoming a mum of boys is just how awesome and cool boys clothing is. My boys are 10 years apart, and I recall when my eldest was born, boys clothing was definitely less adventurous. Fast forward to present day and boys’ fashion is no longer confined to unadventurous palettes of blue. In fact, it has evolved and become more diverse in offering, allowing for wider colour options of beige, taupe, mustard yellow, olive and racing green. This, I must say, appeases the shopaholic in me to no end.

They bring out the energy bunny in you.

My five-year-old boy literally never. stands. still. He’s a boundless ball of rambunctious energy, constantly zipping from pilar to post in a manner that makes me wearisome just looking at him. The plus side of this? It has helped to unearth the sportier side of me which has laid dormant for many years. During lockdown it wasn’t unusual for me to be at my local park with boys in tow, participating in 20 metre dashes, kicking a ball, or trying to keep up as they bomb it down the track path on bikes and scooters.

They help you shape the future generation of men!

With so many conversations taking place in society about misogyny and toxic masculinity, it’s an honour to be able to be the change I want to see by helping to shape and mould my boys into formidable men, who are respectful and considerate of women (and their fellow menfolk), and don’t shy away from expressing their emotions or feel they have to act a certain way.

Receiving kisses and compliments aplenty

My little one has certainly been gifted my hubby’s silver tongue, and it’s not unusual for him to shower me with compliments, noting if I’ve changed my hairstyle, bought a new dress or even wearing a new lipstick colour. Boys just naturally express their love for their mamas differently. Whereas my boys don’t shy away from being affectionate with their Dad, it’s on another level with me. From cosy snuggles on the sofa watching cartoons or being smothered in kisses just for the heck of it – I must confess, I simply love being the Queen of their Hearts.

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