Your Prettiest Makeup Look In Under 5 Minutes

Holly Willoughby’s makeup artist shares her secrets

Wish you looked like Holly Willoughby? Or had someone to do your make up like hers?

Yep. Same!

Well, we’ve got you the next best thing. As we caught up with Holly’s makeup artist Patsy O’Neill to get her best tips on looking fabulous in no time at all

Prep before you go to bed

“Feed your skin and grab yourself a lovely face oil”, says Patsy. “Massage it on at bedtime, and it will make your complexion look more radiant in the morning – even if you don’t get much sleep!”. “I like Sukin Rose Hip Oil, £19.95. Sukin is a great brand that you can pick up at Boots, and I also love Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Vitamin C and Turmeric Face Oil 15ml, £34”. Lashes are a key tool for opening up tired eyes. Lacking in fullness? Patsy suggests applying a hair growth serum before you snooze, “at the moment I’m using Uklash Eyelash Serum, £37.99”.

Speedy routine for dry skin

“You need to get your skin in check before you apply any makeup”, says Patsy. “Always make sure you do a light cleanse in the morning, and if your face is dry, I would use a tinted moisturiser as well as a lightweight day cream or serum. Tinted lotions are an excellent way to add a quick wash of colour to your face. I like Trinny’s BFF Cream SPF 30, £35. It comes in a great range of shades that cater to the palest pale and the darkest dark. Just squeeze it in your hand and then apply all over like a moisturiser”. Dry lips? Patsy says, “Get a balm on as soon as you can. I’d even do it straight after you brush your teeth. I got Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm, £16 for Holly recently, and it’s great for chapped lips”.

The best under eye concealers

“It depends on your complexion, but some people can skip straight to concealer after applying a day cream”, says Patsy. “I really rate Becca Under Eye Brightener Corrector, £18.90, it’s a game-changer for illuminating the eye area and making skin look less tired. It comes in two shades, which work for pale skins and olive to mixed race. If you’re darker, then I’d suggest using the new concealers from The Ordinary, £4.90, they’re amazing, and you don’t need much as the pigment is so strong. I also like IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, £25”.

Best product for glowing skin

“Grab a big fat brush and apply Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder, £38, all over your face. The name is deceiving, as it’s not powdery at all, instead it gives a light luminous finish to the skin”.

Quick and easy arches

No time for brows? “Yes, you do!”, says Patsy. “Just grab a brow mascara. They are amazing for defining your arches when you’re in a hurry, as they take seconds to apply. But you do need to be a bit careful, as you can easily overdo it. I would suggest slightly cleaning the brush with a tissue, so you have about half the amount of product left on. That way you won’t dollop on a big splodge of colour and end up with a severe-looking line. I like BBB London Brow Build Gel, £21”.

Rapid eyes

“A straightforward way to add colour to your lids is a smudgy eyeshadow pencil that you can quickly apply to your lash line. Delilah Stay The Night Smooth Shadow Stick Collection, £38 are so lovely, and this is a gorgeous set of colours. I also like Eyeko Double Act Shadow Sticks, £20, but there’s so many of this type of product now, Chantecaille have some, as do Laura Mercier, and they’re both excellent”. Want a perfect flick like Holly’s? Patsy says, “Try the Eyeko Black Magic: Cocoa Edit Liquid Eyeliner in Brown, £16, this pen has a lovely nib that is extremely easy to use. Many people dismiss brown, but I love it, as it’s much softer on the skin and it doesn’t make you look too done up”.

The best eye-opening mascara – that doesn’t budge

“Holly loves to use eyelash curlers to give her that wide-awake look, and they work for her, but they’re not for everyone, so do what suits you”. “If your mascara tends to go everywhere or you have small eyes, then you’ll love Smashbox Superfan Mascara, £19. I also really rate the Hourglass Caution Extreme Mascara, £29 but it’s quite expensive, so if you want to go high street then Maybelline Lash Sensational, £8.99 is brilliant for Mums, as it doesn’t budge”.

Lip and cheek tricks

“Absolutely use the same product on your lips and your cheeks, it’s the quickest way to apply colour. I use Beauty Pie Supercheek Cream Blush, £25 (members pay £7.97) and I love the shades of Trinny Lip2Cheek, £25”.

Patsy’s top tip for applying your blush

“It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re rushing. So, when you have time, get to know how much product you need. Is it two dabs or just one? It will make life easier when you’re dashing out the door, and you won’t end up with comical rosy cheeks”.

Lips that last

Want a colour that doesn’t budge? Patsy advises to apply your lipstick, then blot two or three times, and finish with a clear balm for moisture. “You need to get that colour into your lips and then take off the product that transfers”. Or she says to skip the process and use Glossier Generation G Lipstick, £14, “these are perfect for lipstick addicts that don’t want too much colour to come off when they kiss their kids. They have such a unique formulation. They’re almost a hybrid between a stain and a matte lipstick. I’m obsessed with them, and my favourite shades are Zip, Jam and Crush”.

TMC In Conversation With: Millie Mackintosh On Becoming A Mum.

“I didn’t realise I could function on such little sleep!”

Sometimes, all you need is a friend to check in on you to see how you’re doing. So, seeing as we’re definitely pals. We called new Mum, Millie Mackintosh, to find out how she’s coping. Revealing everything from what it’s like to become a Mum in a pandemic, the pulls on her mental health, and the biggest shock motherhood has given her. We also picked her fashionable brain to find out how she’s kept stylish in lockdown and the coolest clothing brands she’s shopping for Sienna.”

In Conversation With Millie Mackintosh

Ok, so we know you’re a celeb, but you have ‘Mum moments’ too right?

“Every day! I recently had to cut Sienna out of a vest after a particularly bad nappy explosion. It went all over both of us!!! Luckily, I had a pack of WaterWipes nearby”.

What are 5 things every new Mum needs?
  1. A good support network.
  2. Naps in the day – when the baby naps.
  3. Not to have to think about cooking or cleaning up – it can wait!
  4. Lots of cups of tea.
  5. Constant snacks.
What’s your current wardrobe staple?
What’s your current wardrobe staple?

“I have been living in very comfortable loungewear. Most things I wear get sick on them at some point during the day, so I like anything that’s easy to wash”.

Millie loves chic comfort brand Rails.
How do you feel about your body post-birth?

“I have so much more respect for my body, especially after experiencing what it is capable of. It has changed, but I am learning to love the changes, and I feel stronger than I did pre-baby”.

Any off the radar baby style brands you like?

“A few of my favourites are Babidu, La Coqueta and Patachou and I like Zara kids too, but I know that’s not niche”

Your go-to snack to keep you going during the day

“A handful of fresh berries or a Marmite rice cake”.

The best lockdown delivery you’ve had

“Hugo surprised me with a takeaway from London restaurant Zuma. It was such a treat. I really miss going on dates, but we make an effort to have a special dinner once a week”.

What’s it been like becoming a Mum in a pandemic?

“It’s crazy, isn’t it? It’s a question I never thought I would be asked. I like to find the positives in every situation, and it has been a blessing in some ways. We have had so much uninterrupted time at home as a family, and I am very grateful that we have had Sienna to keep us busy and make us laugh. I really feel for all the parents having to home school their kids, especially those working from home… I can’t imagine how hard that is”.

How is your mental health?

“I definitely have days when I feel down about everything, and I find it hard to look on the bright side, but I remind myself that it’s normal to feel like that. I rely on a few things to boost my mood. Usually, I start by talking about it to a loved one, or I like to go for a run with a favourite feel-good playlist, cook some comfort food or have some me-time with a candlelit bath”.

The biggest surprise you had when becoming a Mum

“I didn’t realise I could function on such little sleep! Somehow you just keep going”.

Has becoming a Mum made your more eco-conscious?

“Yes, I am very conscious of trying to protect the world Sienna will grow up in, which is why I’m so thrilled that WaterWipes are now biodegradable. I love that they are still the same purity and quality as before, and just two ingredients, which is why they are my go-to. We also recycle all of Sienna’s clothes when she has grown out of them and borrowed what we can from friends rather than buying everything new”.

Things We Should Continue To Socially Distance From When Lockdown 3.0 Ends.

With talk of lockdown restrictions being lifted in the upcoming weeks; we’ve started to wonder whether there are some aspects of our lives we should continue to socially distance from when the world opens back up again.

With lockdown 3.0 restrictions slowly easing up, it looks like we can finally get some semblance of our old lives back. But before we go running off into the sunset (or the nearest M&S for a well-deserved, child free, non-essential shopping spree), we reckon we should continue to socially distancing ourselves from certain aspects of our lives that no longer serve us. Let’s speak on it.

  1. Going to mother and baby groups that you don’t enjoy!
    Ahh, mother and baby groups, don’t you just love em? Errm, not all of them. For us introverts especially, these groups can prove to be a challenge, particularly those of a cliquey nature that unearth long lost memories of school days when trying to fit in with the cool girls. When lockdown lifts, let’s make a pledge to only hang out at groups and clubs where we make genuine connections with fellow mummies that leave us feeling uplifted, understood and appreciated in all our awkward splendour.
  2. Mum guilt
    2020 marks the year that mum guilt left the building, and we don’t think we should invite her back inside anytime soon. Just a year ago, who’d have thought we’d be unashamedly plying our kids with oven chips and nuggets for dinner, allowing them to enjoy endless hours of screen time, or bribing them with sweets for staying quiet during mummy’s mammoth 2 hour Zoom meeting? Not us! And guess what? All things considered; the kids are alright. And you’re probably a lot less stressed by being saddled with the burden of having to be perfect too. It’s a win win!
  3. Buying unnecessary crap
    One thing that lockdown has revealed is it is possible for us to save money if we stop spending it on pointless items. Hun, we’re sorry to break it to you, but your 6-month year old bubba really couldn’t give two hoots about those £300 designer sandals that they’ll only be able to wear on two occasions, max! Put the credit card away.
  4. Being a flaky friend
    Back in the days of the old AKA pre-pandemic, how many of us were guilty of of putting our friends waaay down in our list of priorities? Well lockdown certainly changed that. From group chats over Zoom, to emotionally raw confessionals with our besties – our friendships have provided such a powerful source of fun, support, and a welcome respite from the humdrum of our Groundhog Day existence. When the world opens back up can we please continue to nurture and prioritise our friendships.
  5. Taking life so damn seriously
    We know mama hood is serious business, but it’s okay to have a laugh every now and then. In fact, it’s not only okay, but it should be a part of your daily self -care practice. Yes, we’re living in serious times, and the pain and despair we’re collectively experiencing is unparalleled. But laughter is healing. And the little people in our lives love to see us happy. One thing we’ve learned from this whole experience is hide n seek is still a vibe, and you’re never too old to play it.
  6. Maintaining an Instagrammable home
    Being cooped up indoors around the clock with children and hubby in tow has definitely made us less obsessed with having to maintain an instagrammable home. Cosy and ‘lived-in’ trumps sterile showroom perfection any day.

Hey, It’s Ok… To Feel Low After Birth.

A spa break would be great, thanks!

The feeling you get when your new little fam returns home from hospital, is just the best. If we could bottle and sell those ‘oh-so grateful’ emotions, we’d be bloody loaded. But it’s also a bit like a giant wave has hit you. And with that, comes a rollercoaster ride of emotions that it is entirely normal to experience. While we can’t physically come round your house and hug you. We can give you a list of things that might boost your mood when you’re feeling a bit low. Print this it out and put it on your fridge, stat.

Hey, it’s ok… to feel a little low after birth

  1. You’re doing amazing
  2. You just grew a human
  3. What ever it is, it can wait.
  4. Housework is NOT essential
  5. A nap can fix everything
  6. Food deliveries are your saviour.
  7. Cry if you need to.
  8. Have a sugary cup of tea.
  9. Breathe in, count to four, and repeat four times.
  10. Tomorrow is a new day.
No one bounces back

Fed up with seeing influencers and celebs with their perfect snap-back bodies? Guess what? They’re lying! Not even the girl in the photo looks like the girl in the photo. So quit the comparison game now. It’s OK to feel a bit shit. We all do. But trust us, it won’t last forever. You’ll either work your way to whatever shape you want to get to, or you’ll suddenly realise that you just don’t care.

Expect to cry over the smallest things

Your midwife will warn you that you might have a day or two where you can’t stop crying. And boy-oh-boy will she be right. From losing the TV remote to This Morning’s call-in section, we had tears at every turn. “Just let it out”, says practising midwife and founder of The Pregnancy Wellness Podcast @midwife_pip, “Baby blues in the first week are entirely normal. Sleep deprivation, plus new challenges, changes, frustrations, and your physical recovery, can all cause women to feel teary”. Go easy on yourself, it’s a lot to deal with, and it’s normal to be up and down.

Feeling low doesn’t = postnatal depression

“Hormones! They have so much to answer for”, says @midwife_pip “Baby Blues are a common feeling in the first week after birth, your mood may dip, and things can feel a little overwhelming. Remember you have just undergone a huge physical and psychological change and are navigating a whole new journey”. If these emotions continue and you feel like you can’t cope, talk to those that care for you and if you need more support then reach out to your GP or midwife. PANDA is an organisation that helps women who suffer from postnatal depression and they have a helpline you can call just to talk. Give it a go. You may even find one call is all you need.

It’s OK to feel a bit broken

Labour is often compared to running a marathon, never mind the nine months of pregnancy you’ve just endured. You deserve all the rest you can get! “Remember your mind and body have adapted to create, grow and birth your baby”, says @midwife_pip. She adds, “It needs time to recover – it does not happen overnight. Nurturing yourself and allowing yourself time for self-care, be it a walk, a bath or a phone call with a friend, isn’t self-indulgent. It is a necessity! Don’t allow any Mum guilt to tell you otherwise”.

You’re Not Alone; How To Combat Loneliness In Motherhood

Written by Emmy Brunner

Being a mum, especially a new mum, can feel isolating at the best of times. And since that first lockdown, it feels as though a new kind of fog has descended. The reflecting has stopped, feelings of isolation intensified and the motivation for change and connection has waned. It feels as though so many of us are just treading water and wondering how on earth to change things.  In my work, I have seen even the most ‘together’ mums feel alone and like they just don’t know how to break through the fog. 

While the pandemic is intensifying so many feelings for us, loneliness in motherhood is a very common feeling.  In fact, the recent research from The Mum Club confirms this, with 40% of mums saying they feel lonely most or all of the time. In motherhood, we can feel the world exists around us and we just seem to be on the outside of everything. When nothing is really connecting to us or we are not connecting to anybody else and we feel very isolated, that’s when the loneliness really sets in.

One of the most important things you can do is to simply validate how you’re feeling. In my work, a lot of healing starts with self-validation. By saying it’s ok to feel a certain way is a first step to understanding why we feel that way. We can then actively work to fight our feelings of loneliness with actions that can easily fit into your life. 

  1. Be kind.
    Work on being as kind to yourself as possible. When we’re going through hard times and feeling vulnerable, we need to be especially mindful of the way that we’re talking to ourselves. Being conscious of the tone and words that you’re using can be helpful to introduce a more compassionate narrative.
  2. Reach out
    When we’re feeling low and isolated, the darkness can be tempting to sink into. Challenge yourself to connect with a friend, let people know that you’re struggling. We can’t expect support and help if we don’t communicate what’s going on with us. It’s possibly the last thing you feel like doing, but it could be the most important.
  3. Connect with your body
    Find ways to move your body and connect with yourself. Dancing with the children, doing some gentle yoga or breath work are amazing ways of maintaining that relationship with your physical self.
  4. Meditation.
    The most impactful way of soothing an anxious mind is through meditation. If you’ve tried this and struggled, don’t worry that’s all part of the process and persistence is the key. Explore different meditation styles and see what you connect with most and what you find it easiest to engage with…do you like listening to the sounds in nature? Do you find guided breath focused meditations relaxing? Or perhaps you find the sound of a particular person’s voice soothing? See what’s for you and then try and stick with it.
  5. Use nature.
    Getting outside is a wonderful tool to bring us out of our heads and back into connection with ourselves and the world. It’s been a tough few months and many of us have been locked up in doors avoiding the rain and the dark afternoons. Or if you’re a new mum, this feeling of ‘cabin fever’ is very real. Spring is a wonderful time to begin to re-emerge, use nature as your inspiration, turn your face toward the sun and get outside as often as you can – promise yourself once a day at least.
  6. Reconnect with you.
    Commit to spending time, when you can, doing an activity you loved prior to having children. This could even be something that you let go of as you became an adult. By reconnecting with the things that bring us joy, we reconnect with ourselves. A loss of self can greatly contribute to feelings of loneliness.

For more inspiration and mental health and wellness insight follow psychotherapist, personal transformation coach, founder of the Recover Clinic and author Emmy Brunner at @emmybrunneroffical on Instagram, visit