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So, 2020. If there’s anything this past year has given us it’s time. Time to slow down, time to strip back, time to spend at home. So. Much. Time. At. Home. But in truth, these nine long months (sound familiar, much?) have taught us lessons we’ll remember long after lockdown ends.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Pre-Covid, weekends were packed with a busy schedule of expensive activities, from £200 for a family trip to the zoo to half the month’s mortgage on Legoland. Turns out, kids are perfectly happy in the local park, even for the 7654th time that week. Save the cash; spend it on loungewear instead.

There’s Not Much A Big Coat And Fresh Air Can’t Solve.

We haven’t worn anything but wellies since March and we’re not even sorry.

A Trip To The Supermarket Is A Legitimate Activity

You can spend a solid hour, if the pyjama section is big enough.

Stay At Home Mums Are Superheroes

We knew this, you knew this, but it took a global pandemic for the rest of the world to work it out. Never again will anyone ask us what we ‘do’ all day.

Screen Time And A Biscuit Will Buy You 20 Minutes Peace

We’ve hosted many a Zoom meeting with a toddler glued to Peppa Pig and scoffing a Kit Kat.

We’ll Never Wonder About Home Schooling Again

File it next to attachment parenting on the list of things that’s absolutely not for us.

We Have More Patience Than We Knew

Six months with zero childcare? Completed it, mate.

We Have Less Patience Than We Knew

We been tested for tolerance and we’re 100% negative.

We Miss Things We Never Thought We Would

Right now, we’d bite your arm off to sit on plastic chair in a draughty church hall packed with hyper-active toddlers.

Being A Parent Gives You Purpose

We’d love to be bored, but we just haven’t got the time.

Trousers That Aren’t Elasticated Are Completely Unnecessary.

Were jeans always this uncomfortable or is it the banana bread?

We Can Handle Anything Life Throws At Us

From solo scans to giving birth in a mask without a partner, women have stepped up like no one else. Now, there’s literally nothing we can’t do.

It’s Ok To Slow Down

Some days, just getting everyone up and dressed is enough. Having it all has never felt less necessary.

It Really Does Takes A Village

Now we’ve done it solo, we know just how lucky we are to have the help we do.

If You’ve Got Each Other, You Have Everything You Need.

But wine definitely helps.

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