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Explain what you do in a sentence?

I am the co-founder of a 100% natural fragrance brand called Eym Naturals.

How long have you done your job?

We have been running Eym for 4 years

What’s the coolest thing about it?

I feel like I learn something new every day, I’m proud of what we’ve created, it’s a lot of hard work, but so worth it. Having your own business means you are much more flexible and able to make your work, work around family commitments. I feel incredibly grateful for this.

What does your day or week entail?

A lot of juggling. We had our third baby 7 months ago, so I am doing a lot of frantic email answering during nap times.

Where did you start out?

In our tiny 2-bedroom flat in Northwest London, making candles on our kitchen counter!

What has been your biggest challenge?

I would say time, feeling like we could and should be doing more. But I am beginning to accept our reality, that running a business and having young children is a constant balance, and you can only do what you can do.

What piece of advice would you give to someone hoping to do the same

Go for it! Honestly, just do it. And try to find a mentor.

Something you’ve learnt that is crucial to either your job or to success

Your team. Surround yourself with people you enjoy working with and also who have different skillset to you. Top tip, hire Mum’s! So many accomplished, incredible women can feel at a bit of a loss of what to do with their careers after they have children. They have all these amazing skills but don’t want to go back to the demands of a full-time office role. It can be a really good way of working for both parties.

How important is it to switch off?

It’s so important, I find it really affects my sleep if I don’t put my phone away in the evening. Netflix, a glass of red wine and of course a candle are my happy place.

How do you manage your work / life balance?

I’m not sure I do haha. I think sometimes you feel like you’re getting the hang of it and sometimes it feels like a total fail.

How do manage mum guilt?

I definitely feel it sometimes, but I’m a massive believer in the “good enough” philosophy. I remind myself when I get a surge of Mum guilt, that I’m doing the best I can, and that our kids are so loved.

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