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Wouldn’t it be great if all the things you bought for your baby did something to help the environment too?

Well, these brands are doing exactly that.

From carbon-neutral car seats to sustainably created carriers, these brands are helping to protect your kids and the planet!

Britax - Romer KIDFIX i-SIZE £295
Britax – Romer KIDFIX i-SIZE £295

Meet Britax’s first carbon neutral seat!
Not only will they look after your children, and keep them comfy, on every car journey. They are also looking out for Mother Earth, as this seat is also available in their Green Sense soft fabric covers that are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.
And if you buy one, the packaging your car seat comes in is also sustainable. With plant-based bags, recycled cartons and biodegradable tags. They’ve thought of everything!

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Binibamba - Cloud Merino Snugglesuit £89
Binibamba – Cloud Merino Snugglesuit £89

Did you know that sheepskin is one of the hardest wearing natural fibres on the planet? BINIBAMBA products are like modern, snugly heirlooms to be loved on loop. All natural, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and extremely stylish, we’re huge fans of this brand and particularly love their baby snugglers, which are 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

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Naturalmat Baby - The Coco Mat From £85
Naturalmat Baby – The Coco Mat From £85

Naturalmat Baby have had a planet-friendly approach from day one. Their beds and mattresses are all made by them in the UK, in their solar-powered workshop and from materials that are biodegradable or recyclable. They are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and you’ll find no plastics, VOCs or any other chemicals in their products. A brand we wholeheartedly trust.

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Bambo Nature - Premium Eco Nappies £6.67
Bambo Nature – Premium Eco Nappies £6.67

Want an eco nappy you can rely on? Bambo Nature are as strong and effective as they are safe and sustainable.
Designed specifically for children’s delicate skin. They only use carefully selected and approved ingredients and materials to minimize the risk of skin irritation and to keep your child’s skin soft, dry, and healthy.

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Organic - Zoo Basil Apple Orchard Suit  £39
Organic – Zoo Basil Apple Orchard Suit £39

Organic Zoo create timeless 100% organic clothing that’s better for our little ones and better for the planet. They are committed to running a business that cares. And are always looking for ways to improve what they do and to ensure their business is as sustainable as possible.

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Childs Farm - Organic Shampoo Bar £8
Childs Farm – Organic Shampoo Bar £8

Childs Farm and Farmologie’s ethics and values permeate everything that they produce; from ethically sourced suppliers and sustainably sourced naturally derived ingredients, to their 100% recycled ocean prevented plastic bottles and more.

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 Bugaboo - Butterfly Seat Pushchair £395
Bugaboo – Butterfly Seat Pushchair £395

By 2023, Bugaboo pushchairs will be produced with bio-based material instead of fossil-based plastic. This game-changing innovation upcycles plant-based waste to give it a new life.

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BabyBjorn - Baby Carrier One £175
BabyBjorn – Baby Carrier One £175

BabyBjorn aim to make only long-lasting products that can be handed down to be worn by child after child. Just as they have done since the very beginning in 1961. They are constantly working to minimise their carbon footprint on the planet – from how their products are designed to how they’re manufactured and shipped.

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Kit & Kin - Baby Oil £9.99
Kit & Kin – Baby Oil £9.99

Who doesn’t love Kit & Kin? Not only are their products beautiful to look at but the ethos behind the brand is all about protecting the planet. There’s no green washing here. They use gentle and natural ingredients that are better for your baby, they give back with initiatives that help the rainforest and fund educational and healthcare clinics. And, they are cruelty free and use sustainable sourced and ethical materials.

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Ergo Pouch - Jersey Sleeping Bag £44.95
Ergo Pouch – Jersey Sleeping Bag £44.95

Looking for a new sleep bag? ErgoPouch sleepwear is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and bamboo, are non-toxic certified and friendly on skin. The natural fibres used are safer for your child and better for their skin because they allow it to breathe, regulate body temperature, and reduce the risk of overheating.

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Weleda - Calendula Nappy Cream £13.73
Weleda – Calendula Nappy Cream £13.73

Not only has each product from Weleda’s 100% certified natural baby range been researched by a team of midwives and pharmacists to care and support healthy baby skin. The ingredients used are organically grown and the brand has a b corporation certification (which basically means they’re a total do-gooder when it comes to all things green).

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 The Cheeky Panda - Bamboo Biodegradable Baby Wipes £2.84
The Cheeky Panda – Bamboo Biodegradable Baby Wipes £2.84

You’ll find no chemical nasties in these wipes, just pure, plant based natural ingredients. Made with bamboo, 99% purified water and 1% aloe vera. They’re also biodegradable. And they’re made from naturally hypoallergenic material and their supply chain is also Carbon Balanced and protects the rainforest and its inhabitants from deforestation.

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Five of Us - Grey Gingham Check Margarita Cotton Blanket £69
Five of Us – Grey Gingham Check Margarita Cotton Blanket £69

Sustainability doesn’t stop with the materials this brand uses. It is engrained in the entire set up of their company. With each piece being handmade, sourcing materials carefully and working with small , family run manufacturers who create pieces of the highest quality, that will last for many generations to come.

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