At TMC, we want to connect likeminded mums, which is why we've introduced the TMC Forum. This is a safe space for our mums to talk to each other. Please be respectful of other people's feelings and be mindful that this is a public forum. Share what you feel comfortable sharing, and please do understand that experiences and opinions vary from person to person. If you feel anyone isn't considerate of your feelings or someone else's, then please flag this by using the 'report' button on this page.

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Welcome to motherhood, aka the club that holds a gazillion questions. Whether you're obsessed with sleep (aren't we all?) or you're concerned your baby isn’t feeding correctly - here's a space for you to connect to other mums. Because let’s face it, we’re all in the same crazy semi-sinking boat!


It's kind of mind-blowing how many different births there are and the number of options you have. We feel like we only found that out after we had our children. Maybe you'd like to have your baby in water. Or you're on number 2, and you're intrigued to know what others did after an emergency C. Either way, here's a space for you to share, swot up or just scream ‘Oh Jesus, that hurt!’.


Meet the rollercoaster ride that you'd like to throw yourself off and miraculously find yourself pregnant. Unsurprisingly, it can feel incredibly claustrophobic when every social media post out there is celebrating an announcement. It's easy to feel incredibly alone, but you're not! Good news or bad – we're here for you, every step of the way.


We spend a whole 9+ months being treated like a queen, and then BAM! You're a mum, and it's all baby, baby, baby. But YOU still need a shed load of support. Not only do you feel a bit broken from birth, but mentally you're not the same, and that's completely ok. There's nothing like a problem shared and halved when it comes to motherhood, so use this as a breathing space, and you'll feel a whole lot better.


Never have we asked Google so many questions in such a short/long period of time. Being pregnant is mental. Firstly, you grow a tiny human inside of you (which is mind-blowing in itself) but then there's a whole host of other stuff that goes on, that's frankly just odd. With hundreds of changes and reactions, that differ from woman to woman, there's no wonder we spend most of our time searching to see if everything is ok.


Hello little friend! You're suddenly a walking (semi-talking), mini-human, and my oh my, do you know how to cause havoc. We thought things would be easier by now, and they'd just kind of sort themselves out - but oh no, the questions continue…


Ah the world of work. The constant juggle of working/ childcare/ housekeeping/ everything else in between. How do we do it all?! Surely mums are one of the most productive workers out there, as we’re the ones that have to run things like clockwork or they fall apart? If you have something to say, here’s where to share it.