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Emma Erbillur

    I had a home birth planned and was under the home birth team throughout my pregnancy. It was lovely. Had my birthing pool all ready, had practiced my breathing and done my yoga and hypnobirthing etc. Then he was late….really late (15 days) so I had to be induced. About 12 hours later and loads of contractions, I was hardly dilated at all (1cm) and so emergency c-section it was. His little heart had slowed right down too so they were worried. Paperwork hurriedly signed as they considered a general anaesthetic over epidural, we were rushed through to theatre and a few minutes later, little Wilf was born. (Not breathing initially) crash team ran through the doors to the sound of Wilf screaming his first hello! He was fine and still is! I tell you this shortened version of my story, not in an attempt to scare anyone, but to let you know that throughout I felt totally in control, felt calm and collected and had every faith in him even when things didn’t look good. My other half was however not ok and worried sick about both of us. Maybe it was motherly instint, maybe it was my hynobirthing that gave me strength and clarity, maybe it was naivety, but all I know is that it helped. So please don’t think an emergency c section is always the panic it might seem. You can still enjoy your birth even if it doesn’t go to plan x