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Lucinda Christodoulou

    My youngest son was a week over due, so went in to be induced, got to 2cm ( I know lame) and couldn’t cope so had an epidural unfortunately my epidural (1 out of 100,000) it didn’t go down it went up to my heart and stop it, unfortunately this then stopped my little mans heart also, I had a shot of adrenaline and came backish round to a room full of doctors and nurses and everyone available at the time, they then found an extremely faint heart beat of my little boy and sent us straight for a emergency c-section, we are both here and well, as for the after of the c-section I loved it, if I was to have another baby I would definitely be opting for a c-section. Having also had a vaginal birth with my eldest and even though the experience was traumatic I definitely preferred the after of a c-section. ( but definitely not an easy way out as some like to say)