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Marie Pettitt

    After an awful labour with my first born back in 2012, when I became pregnant again in 2014, I opted for a c-section. The whole experience for me was so relaxed. I knew the date I was having my baby so I could plan child care for my other child and it gave me time to prepare for the surgery. Not to say I wasn’t scared as I was extremely nervous of the unknown, what the procedure was going to be like and also the recovery afterwards. All went well and we welcomed a baby girl in Jan 2015. The first few days afterwards I was very sore but regular painkillers helped to ease that and once I was up and walking about I recovered really well. 2017 arrived and I was expecting another baby girl and natural I was put in for a planned c-section again. Another very successful and relaxed experience. Again I recovered extremely well and was able to manage the craziness of 3 children. Roll on 5 years to March 2022 and we welcomed our 4 child via a planned c section again. My experiences of c-sections has been nothing but positive and I would encourage anyone that may of been through a traumatic birth to consider one.