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4th Trimester (Post birth)

No one tells you about the support you’ll need after giving birth. The focus is very much on …
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      No one tells you about the support you’ll need after giving birth. The focus is very much on the baby. But there’s a lot you might wonder about you. Like how quickly you’ll recover and if it’s normal to feel a bit low. Share your thoughts here – no judgement made.

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            Absolutely, this period can be quite difficult, and it is so important for new moms to get better support during this time. Your body has just undergone a significant change, and recovery can vary for everyone. It is important to take good care of yourself, ask for help whenever you need it, and not hesitate to talk about your experiences.  To make things a bit easier, here’s a little something for you. You can use the Momcozy voucher code if you need comfortable clothing or other essentials needs during this time. Get comfortable products designed especially for new moms.

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