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Located in the beautiful Richmond upon Thames, Avenue Richmond was founded by Natalie in January 2020 whilst busily raising two energetic boys and working full-time in Finance.  
It became more and more important to strike a balance, find time for myself, and create a moment of relaxation and calmness to fully unwind.  Taking an interest in interior design and my surroundings, Avenue Richmond produces luxuriously scented candles in contemporary and stylish vessels that will enhance your space and fill the room with memories and feelings of positivity, energy and relaxation. 
Offering an attentive and individual service, each candle is hand poured using 100% soy wax providing a long, clean burn, fantastic scent throw and fine quality oils that are vegan friendly.
Avenue Richmond is continuing to evolve and the Pregnancy + Beyond range has been super popular providing beautifully fragranced candles using pure essential oils that are safe to use before, during and after pregnancy. The perfect gift for anyone trying to conceive, for those currently expecting and for new parents.

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