What’s the Best Age to Become a Parent?

If there’s a perfect time to have a baby, we’re still waiting for the memo. 

However, the most popular age bracket to get knocked up is now 30-34, with the average first-time mum being 30 years old. 

And if you’re over 40, the conception rate is at a record high!

So could later really be better? 

Your Late Teens/ Twenties

The Pros
Just Call Us Fertile Myrtle

Since fertility declines with age, you have a higher chance of conceiving naturally the younger you are (bar any pre-existing issues). An estimated 25 percent of women between 19 and 25 get pregnant within the first month of trying.

You’ll Have the Gift of Time

With any luck, you’ll enjoy your kids (and their kids) for decades to come.

The Cons
The Financial Hit is Harder

At this age, you’re probably still finding your financial feet. Prams and nappies don’t come cheap, so if you’re dealing with student debt or working to get on the property ladder, it might not be ideal timing.

You Haven’t Found Your Village Yet

A solid support system is hugely important when bringing up a family. Chances are your mates are still making inappropriate life choices and partying 24/7. Which means they might not be that empathetic with your struggles. *They might be up at 3am, though!

Your Mid-to-Late Twenties

The Pros
You’ve Still Got the Energy

It wasn’t that long ago that you were stumbling out of the club at 5am and pulling all-nighters to finish your dissertation. Night feeds might not feel so bad.

You’ve Got Time for a Second Wind When the Kids Leave Home

An empty nest by your late forties, and you’re free to live your best life. Ibiza, here you come!

The Cons
Your Career is Just About to Take Off

Just as you find your dream job, you’re about to step away for a year of mat leave. It shouldn’t matter, but (let’s face it) it sometimes it does.


The Pros
You Know Who You Are

You’ve survived the crippling insecurity years and finally feel happy in your skin. You’ve got this.

The Party Feels Tired

You’ve travelled and tried every sharing cocktail out there. And you’re a little over drinking out of inanimate objects (for a bit, anyway).

The Cons
It Could Be Harder To Conceive

Mother Nature is glorious, but she can also be a bit of a bitch. While your career and confidence are in full bloom, your fertility takes a hit.


The Pros
You’ll Have High Achieving Kids

A recent study in the US suggested offspring of ‘advantaged maternal age mothers’ had better educational outcomes, including higher test scores and better graduation rates.

You’ll Have More Patience (hopefully!)

With life experience comes an understanding that sometimes things are outside of your control. If anyone can sit back and ride out the tantrums, it’s you.

The Cons
Pregnancy and Birth Can be Riskier

Women over the age of 35 are typically at a higher risk of health issues.

There’s no single right time to have a baby that works for everyone. Whenever you decide to try for children is entirely up to you and it’ll all work out in the mix.