Soothing Stretches for New Mums

Relieve sore shoulders and improve posture with this simple yoga flow.

A 20-minute simple yoga flow for nursing mums

This gentle flow is full of great stretches that help with posture and relieve sore back and shoulders.
Whether you’re breastfeeding or nursing your baby from a bottle, you will still experience tension and possibly pain in these areas from all the lifting and time you spend supporting them while they feed.
This effortless flow features gentle twists and stretches that anyone can follow.
Just make sure you’ve had the go-ahead from your doctor.

When to do it…

We suggest doing this before bed but it’s a great healer to do at any time of the day.

If you have Diastasis Recti…

Candace says, “Avoid plank and even low lunge if you notice any coning in your abdomen. If you see this happening, firmly hug your belly back towards your spine and slowly come out of the pose, gently resting like a child’s pose, or stay in downward dog until the next movement begins.”