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You’ve got home from the hospital, you’re overjoyed with emotion, and then it suddenly hits you. What the hell do I do with this baby?

And there it starts, the continual daily Google search, asking questions like; Do newborn babies need baths? And can you hold them too much?

So, to save you some time in your searches, we’ve collated the top ten things parents ask after they bring their baby home.

You’re welcome.

Do they know who their Mum is?

Looking after a newborn baby is hard, and some days you’re like, ‘I’m doing all this work for you, and I’m not sure you even know who I am?’ It might not seem like it, but they 100% recognise that you’re their Mum. Newborns know your smell and voice from the minute they’re born and studies show that they can also register your face after just a few days. Another concern some women wonder is if their baby can forget them. This is a completely normal question that lots of people ask. But please don’t fret, even if you have to spend some time apart, they will always remember your voice and smell, and you will be able to bond whenever the time comes.

Can you hold your newborn too much?

One of the best things about having a baby is all the lovely cuddles you get. And the good news is, you can’t do it enough. It’s actually essential to a baby’s development and helps them grow mentally and physically.

What happens if you yell at a newborn, and can they sense frustration?

Sleep deprivation paired with a baby that won’t stop crying will put anyone at the end of their tether. It’s ok to feel frustrated but getting worked up isn’t going to help anyone. Babies won’t remember you being upset, but they can pick up on your emotional state, and if they’re in your arms, they’ll feel the negativity in their bodies. So, take a breather. Ask someone else to help you and If you’re on your own, put your baby in a safe place, like their crib, and walk away so you can compose yourself. Take a few minutes, cry if you need to, and then once you’ve regrouped go back in. We have all felt like this, you are not alone, and the moment will pass. If it keeps happening and you feel overwhelmed, try and get some rest or go for a walk to get some fresh air and chat to a family member or friend about how you’re feeling, you’re not failing, you just need some help, and that’s normal.

Top tip: Got some earplugs? When trying to soothe their baby, some people put in headphones or earplugs to soften the noise, making it easier to cope.

Can I kiss my newborn?

“Of course, you can kiss your newborn!” Says antennal experts Blossom Antenatal. It is one of the biggest signs of love and affection that you can show your newborn. It also helps babies grow mentally, physically and psychologically, as it stimulates responses in the brain. Blossom Antenatal add, “Kissing should only ever be avoided if you have an active infectious disease. An example of this would be Herpes simplex, which can be dangerous for babies, so no kissing from you or any relative when you have a cold sore.”

Can you take a 1-week-old baby outside?

When you’re ready for a walk, getting some fresh air is a great idea for both you and your baby. Go steady though, the phrase ‘baby steps’ will apply to both you and your newborn for quite a lot of things over the next few months, so don’t rush it, remember you’re still healing, so head out for short walks at first and then build it up.

Should you pick up your baby every time it cries?

There’s nothing wrong with constantly picking up your baby when it’s teeny tiny, they are such precious little slugs and crying is how they tell you something’s up. And yep, it happens a LOT in the beginning, but it doesn’t last forever. As they grow and routines start to form, it gets a lot easier, and you tend to know what is up before the tears start to roll, well, most of the time.

Can I hold my newborn when it’s sleeping?

Yes, please do! It’s so lovely when they fall asleep on you, and you must enjoy those magical moments. Still, it is also important to put them down to snooze, not only so that you can have a break, but also, so they recognise that sleepy time happens in their bed and not just in Mummy or Daddy’s arms.

Can I give a newborn water?

It’s not advised to give newborns water, as it can make them feel full and decline the milk and nutrients that they need. Babies stay hydrated from milk, so if it’s hot and you’re breastfeeding they’ll either ask for more, or you can offer it. If they’re formula-fed and it’s very warm, then you can offer water as well as milk but make sure you do it after milk feeds and boil and cool the water before giving it to them.

When do I bath my newborn?

You do not need to bathe your baby in the first few days, and most parents prefer to top and tail by carefully washing their face, neck, hands and bottom. Usually, the best time to bath is when the umbilical cord comes off. Choose a time when your baby is awake and happy and make sure the room is nice and warm and lay out all the bits beforehand, so you stay nice and calm. You’ll need a bowl of warm water (or a baby bath) a nice fluffy towel, cotton wool, a nappy and some clean clothes.

When can a baby see?

Newborns can detect black, white and grey colours and focus on objects that are approximately 8-10 inches away from their face. As they get to two months old, they can see up to 18 inches away, and by three months they start to see colours and reach out for things that they see.

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