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Why do the clocks change every time your baby is in a slightly better sleeping situ?

The idea of having an even earlier wake-up sends shivers down our spines!

It can feel so daunting, especially when you’re a new parent that’s fighting for every little bit of rest they can get.  

But we might be able to help.

As we’ve teamed up with Just Chill Mama aka Rosey Davidson to bring you a few ways to approach the clock change and help your little ones adjust in advance.

And, if all else fails…

Do nothing and drink wine!

1. Prepare a few nights before

Does your child go to sleep and wake at a similar time every day? Rosey says, “I highly recommend preparing for the clock change in advance.”
“You can do this by pushing their bedtime back by 15 minutes each day for the few days in the lead-up to the clock change. You will also need to adjust the rest of their schedule (naps, meals, feeds etc.) by the same amount of time.”

2. Make a last minute adjustment

Rosey says, “The night before the clock change (dependant on which way they’re going) put your little one to bed half an hour later (if the clocks go backwards) or earlier (if the clocks go forwards).
In theory, this could be the little tweak that will help get them closer to the ‘new time.’”

3. Make early wake up times really dull

If your baby is waking up ridiculously early, Rosey advises “To keep things dark and boring for a little while to signal that it’s not quite time to get up yet. They will gradually adjust with time.”

4. Make some changes to your routine

We all take a bit of time to adjust to the clock change, but Rosey says, “There are things we can do to help our internal body clocks to catch up.”
The following things will help both you and your children sleep better:

-Get lots of fresh air and natural light.

-Eat at new times.

-Reduce screen time before bed.

-Continue with a predictable and relaxing bedtime routine.

5. Try not to stress about it

“Remember that the effects of the clock change will be short-lived – within a week or so everyone should be back to normal!” says Rosey.

6. Look after yourself

“It is also really important to look after yourself”, says Rosey. “Make sure you go to bed earlier than usual to prepare for the possibility that your little one might wake quite early while they are adjusting to the ‘new time.’”

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