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Let’s be honest, being born without the ability to blow your nose is a real kill joy, which makes baby’s first cold a frustrating experience for both of you. And they’ll keep on coming; one every few weeks for their first few years of their lives. At least, it’ll feel like that.

Obviously, we’re entirely grateful it’s just a cold. Nonetheless, we could do without up to a week of sleepless nights for all concerned and so could you. So here’s how we keep our tots comfortable when they’re all bunged up – though be aware that some tips are age-appropriate, and if baby has a fever, please consult your doctor.

Plenty of fluids

Water; H2O; the good stuff (or if your baby is under six months, it’s breastmilk or formula; they’ll probably be getting their regular drinks in, unlike toddlers who need a little more guidance). If they’re over one year old, try warm water with lemon and Jarrah honey – it’s expensive but it’s two to three times higher in antioxidants than Manuka, so all the better for fighting it off. But whatever you do, keep them hydrated. The beakers here are great to pop by the side of their beds and adapt as they grow. An investment. For children that are weaning or weaned, cold-busting solids include bananas (rich in vitamin C to boost the immune system and potassium to aid their sleep), sweet potatoes (loaded with vitamins, fibre, and so filling), and porridge (easy to digest, warm in their tummies and for babies over one you can add your Jarrah honey. Did we mention Jarrah….?).

Loosen the air

Air humidifiers keep the air moist (sorry) and some have a diffuser function which allows you to add soothing essential oils such as lavender (hello sleep… we wholly recommend). The genius Babymoov also acts as a night light with calming colour settings. It’ll keep the air damp so noses and throats don’t feel quite as dry; especially helpful when winter brings central heating. If you have a bathroom with a bath and a separate shower cubicle, turn the shower on during bathtime and set it to REALLY hot. The bathroom will function as a makeshift steam room, helping to unblock your babe.

Prop Them Up And Thin It Out

To ease congestion, try ilting a baby’s crib so it’s very slightly higher at the head end (we use a couple of books) or give older kids an extra pillow. Saline drops are great for clearing the airways too clear their nose (drops for babies, the spray for bigger kids). It might only last for a couple of hours but every little helps.

Get Their Vits In

Kids who eat a sensibly balanced diet get everything they need from their food, but if you have a fruit and veg refusenik on your hands you might need to top up their vits. Do your research as some brands are be ladened with sugar… and if your kids won’t even eat the gummy bears then syringe in the liquid instead; we’re fans of Animal Parade.

There’s The Rub

Smother this on the soles of your baby’s feet then put some socks over the top (it works just as well with an all in one). Keeping your babies feet warm will also help them sleep and get over the virus faster… then when they turn two you can turn to Vicks.

And finally…suck it out

That’s right, suck the snot right out of their nose. No, they won’t thank you for it. No, you won’t feel good about it, but if it gives you a few hours of sleep it’s worth it, right? Just knock it back with a massive gulp of wine and we’ll never speak of this again. Until next time…

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