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Sleep is the new weather: it’s all we talk about and for good reason, because the second you become a parent it pretty much the sole topic of conversation – certainly in the TMC households.

Here, we break down ten of the biggest baby sleep myths. You’ll find it’s the perfect read at 2am with one eye open…

Make sure you get some sleep now, because you won’t be sleeping when the baby arrives!

Let’s squash this one right now. Show us the sleep bank account and we’ll happily start saving. Until then this makes no sense. Squirrel away a solid eight hours now, to draw out at four in the morning in eight-weeks time? Unlikely.

All Babies Sleep Through From 12 Weeks

Do they though? Is that why we’re still dealing with toddlers who wake up 15 times a night because they’re too hot/too cold/scared of the wardrobe monster? We’d love to know…

Bottle Fed Babies Always Sleep Through

We’ve done both, and we have to say we beg to differ. Bottle fed, breast fed… the only difference is whether you whack a bap or trek downstairs to the Perfect Prep Machine. Pro Tip: Get an ‘upstairs’ Perfect Prep. Or move to a bungalow.

You Should Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

We’d love to. Except for the first two months there’s every Tom, Dick and Harry in the living room eating our M&S biscuits, and when they leave there’s the small matter of cleaning the house, washing seven million piles of laundry, possibly eating something or even showering at some point. Plus, have you ever tried to nap on demand? Knowing you’ve got a maximum of 20 minutes before the kid wakes up creates far from favourable circumstances for some shut eye. We’ve never been more awake.

You Should Let Daddy Sleep On Weekdays

Let’s get this straight. We grow the kid, ruining genitalia and bikini body in the process, and when it arrives, he sleep through for five nights a week? Not on our watch.

If You Keep Them Awake All Day They’ll Sleep At Night

You’d think so, wouldn’t you. But no, this is babies we’re talking about, and they defy all laws of logic. From the hours of 6am-6pm they’ll drop off faster than a narcoleptic but when the sun goes down they are Good. To. Go. Where’s the party at, mum?

If You Put Them To Bed Later, They’ll Sleep Longer In The Morning

Again, this makes no sense. If we stayed up drinking until 3am you’d do well to see us surface before noon, but a baby will still wake up at 5.30am like clockwork. Our advice? Put them down before 7pm and then at least you’ll watch Love Island in peace.

Give Them A Dummy, Then They’ll Definitely Sleep

This one works for a while but don’t be fooled. The second that little sucker falls out the baby’s mouth they’ll be screaming to high heaven and you’re crawling around half-naked on your hands and knees in the pitch black, frantically searching for the ‘do-do’. Pro Tip: MAM do dummies that glow in the dark. You’re welcome.

The Crying-Out Method Is Bad For Your Baby

You know what’s really bad for baby? Being left in the charge of an adult so tired they feel like they’ve just downed ten sambucas and are being driven clinically insane by sleep deprivation. Let them cry it out. Don’t let them cry it out. Just do whatever it takes to survive.

The Nights Are Long, But The Years Are Short’

Like most irritating sentimental parenting clichés, this one is annoying spot on. Soak it in sis.

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