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Oh, how we love bath time. Not only does it mean we’ve (almost) completed another successful day of parenting but also… how nice are clean-smelling babies in tiny pjs? Here are the items that get our babies from bath to bed, for the best night’s sleep.

We always use bubble bath and wash that’s tailored to sensitive babes, even if our kids’ skin is resilient enough. Given the choice, why not go gentle?

We dreaded having our hair shampooed when we were little, now it’s practically a spa break. For us. Yup, working through their knots with a Tangle Teezer and some detangling spray is as meditative as it gets these days. Fortunately, the kids don’t mind it either.

While there are lots of lovely alternatives, there’s nothing quite as soft as bamboo cotton. When they graduate from onesies to proper pjs, slip some socks over their feet in the winter. It’ll keep them warmer, and you’ll feel like you’ve got your tiny baby back for a moment.

Controlling the environment is a huge part of prepping bébé for a good night’s sleep. When there’s not a peep of light in the room and the air doesn’t feel too dry, you’ve got a fighting chance of both sleeping through. And there’s nothing more dreamy than that.

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