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Those first few weeks and months with a newborn are A LOT. The tears, the hunger, the lack of sleep… and that’s not to mention the tiny human who needs looking after. Yes, they’re the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen and yes, it is pretty nice to be able to see your feet again, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re too exhausted to enjoy meeting your baby. You’ve just been through a biological battlefield and, quite frankly, you deserve a rest.

Night nannies, like maternity nurses, are there to help you do just that. While you catch up on some much-needed ZZZs, night nannies can take care of the baby and help with changes, feeds and sleep/settling. They’re kind of like the guardian angels of exhausted new mums (minus the wings).

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a night nanny if you’re expecting or have just had a baby.

Investing In Yourself = Investing In Your Child

If you’re like us, you’ve probably stocked up on a bunch of stuff before baby’s even arrived. From nip cream and nappies to babygrows and bottles, we’re single-handedly keeping Amazon afloat (you’re welcome, Jeff Bezos). But getting all the baby gear ready is perhaps less important than getting yourself ready for life with a newborn – and getting a support system in place to help you through those sleepless nights.

By organising a night nanny before baby comes along, you’re blocking out some much-needed recovery time that future-you will be grateful for. We know, it’s not cheap, but considering all the other costs that come with a newborn we think that this one is probably worth it. By investing in a night nanny to come and help once every couple of weeks, you’re going to be rewarded in dividends – not only by a massive boost in your physical and mental wellbeing, but also in the improved quality time you can spend with your baby (because you’re not on the verge of falling asleep every 15 minutes).

Avoid Sleep-Deprived Zombie Syndrome

It’s called the fourth trimester for a reason. The first few months after giving birth are just as much of a rollercoaster as those first three trimesters were, with your body trying to regulate hormones and adjust to a whole new schedule. We all know how important it is to prioritise your mental and physical health during this time, but it’s easy to forget that sleep iskind of essential in order to be a functioning human being.

Particularly if you’re healing after birth, you need to get as much sleep as possible to help you manage all of the massive changes that having a baby brings. You’re probably not going to feel like a spring chicken after a couple sleeps with a night nanny, but you’ll certainly feel more able to take on the day and do things that will help you feel a bit better. 

They Can Offer Some Much Needed Reassurance

For me, one of the biggest benefits of getting a night nanny is that you have another person who knows what they’re doing. Whether it’s your first or your fourth, there are always those little newborn quirks that can leave you confused and in need of a second opinion (that knows what they’re talking about!). Night nannies can give you just that – they are experienced professionals who often have a whole host of newborn sleep & feeding certifications, and are knowledgeable of common infant issues such as reflux and colic.

It’s not just your baby that will get the benefits of them being around though – if you need support in your feeding journey, night nannies are there to support you in whatever decisions you want to make with your baby. In addition to their skills with newborns, night nannies are very comfortable with new parents and are able to support you with any questions or concerns you might have. Whether you want someone who’s more hands-on or would prefer them to just be there as an additional support if needed, having someone to talk to when you’re up in the middle of the night can make a world of difference. You can get the emotional support you need as well as the practical benefits of someone else doing the 4am nappy change for once.

But What About…

There are a million different ways that you can get support as a new mum, and this may not be the right option for everyone. But with more mums looking into night nannies as a viable solution, it’s good to remember that there doesn’t need to be any stigma in getting help. Asking for support doesn’t make you any less of a mum, and you don’t have to go through things alone when there are people out there who can help.

If you do want to try a night nanny, you can use Bubble to give it a go – it allows you to connect with experienced night nannies and book someone as a one-off or on a regular basis. Whatever you choose to do, remember that you really, really don’t have to do it alone.

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