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Learn the basics over a cuppa

It can feel quite daunting to start your weaning journey, but it’s actually SO fun!

And of course (like everything), there’s tons of reading you can do.

But these are the fundamental things you need to know.

Oh, and remember the shed load of muslins you bought? They’re about to become reeeally handy…

How do I know when my baby is ready to wean?

Start at around 6-months old or when they can hold their head sufficiently, pick-up food, put it in their mouth and swallow it.

How do you start weaning a baby?

It can be very entertaining to see how your baby reacts to new flavours, which is why most parents start by offering a bit of their own food. Ready to do things properly? Build positive associations with mealtimes by creating a calm environment, play some music, make eye contact and give them big smiles.

Don’t stress

Milk is your baby’s primary food source, so don’t fret if they turn down your pea and broccoli mash-up. “It can take up to 10-15 times for them to like certain flavours, so let them play with food and don’t push them to eat”, says baby food brand Omami.

Start with your greens?

“Offering veggies first can encourage more of an acceptance of them later on”, says nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed. But don’t worry if you offer fruits too – you haven’t failed! Adding in a small amount apple to make peas more palatable is totally ok. Remember, fruits are still nutritious, just try to make sure meals aren’t overly sweet.

What should I feed my baby?

“Weaning is a golden time to introduce your baby to lots of different flavours and textures. It helps create a love of food that will hopefully continue through toddlerhood and beyond”, says Omami.

What should you not feed a baby?

No salt, sugar, honey, whole nuts, non-pasteurised cheeses, runny eggs, raw shellfish or rice drinks.

How much should I feed my baby?

They’re all different, and it’s entirely normal for them to change day-to-day. Appetites can be affected by lots of things like teething, tiredness or illness. Just follow their cues for when they’ve had enough.

Pre-mades and packs are LIFE
Pre-mades and packs are LIFE

It’s SO frustrating when you boil and blend foods they refuse. Save yourself some time by trying out some organic pre-made baby food.

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Baby-lead or spoon-fed?

It’s totally up to you. Why not do both? Suggests Omami “Give your baby something to hold and chew on as you spoon-feed or have some meals as finger food and others as puree”.

Want to do more research?

Omami have loads of info on their blog and ‘How to wean your baby’ by Charlotte Stirling-Reed is available on pre order here. You can also follow Charlotte here.

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