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Concerned about how you’re going to style out that mum bun? As mums, we want little effort and maximum effect, I mean we haven’t got much time to play with here!

Yep, we hear you! We’ve gotten used to having messy hair that only the postman sees and then panic when it’s time to go out because we don’t only have to get ourselves ready anymore.

Don’t worry, we have got you more than covered with some quick and easy hairstyles, and who better to teach us than Clairol’s UK Ambassador, Michael Douglas.

Follow his expert tips to look less like a swamp monster and more like a MILF.

Your easy-peasy (polished) pony

Michael says spending a little more time preening your ponytail will make ALL the difference.
• “Blast some dry shampoo in at the roots and a short burst of Silvikrin hairspray into the middle part and ends of your hair”.
• “Loosely pull your hair backwards and tie-up. Then take a comb and gently tease the ponytail to give it added volume and gently smooth it with a soft brush”.
• “Finish with a light burst of hairspray to hold the style in place”.

Don’t wash your hair hack

Keep applying your dry shampoo in a hurry and ending up with huge white patches? Yep, been there. Apply the product at night, rather than in the morning. This enables the powder to evenly distribute throughout your locks as you toss and turn in bed. The result? You wake with hair that looks freshly cleaned and has a fabulous bounce – no washing required!

Wonder waves in minutes

No time to curl every strand and section? Michael’s speedy styling trick will save you.
• “Style your locks into a middle parting, so the hair is equal on either side, then cover the two sections in flexible hold hairspray”.
• “Take one of the sections and twist it like rope taking it backwards away from the face until it starts to fold onto itself and pin in it place. Do the same on the other side”.
• “Put a hairdryer on a low speed but high heat, then warm both sides up for about 2 minutes each, and leave to cool”.
• “Once cooled, remove the pins and let the twists fall out”.
• “Tease the twists with your fingers and use some dry shampoo and hairspray to add extra texture”.

*Pro-tip: If it feels too wavy. Michael says, “Blast the style with a hairdryer on a high temp, as this will help to relax the kinks and give a more undone look”.

Michael’s best tip for styling in-between washes

Unwashed locks can seriously lack volume. “Add in some texture via tongs”, says Michael. No time to get ready in the morning? Create a few waves the night before, then use dry shampoo to reinvigorate your style when you wake up.

Quick colour fix

Can’t get to the salon? Try a semi-permanent colour wash instead. They’re novice-friendly and take minutes to take effect. A fail-safe way to reinvigorate your locks and make you feel human again.

We like:

*Takes 3 mins: Maria Nila Colour Refresh, £24
*Takes 25 mins: Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-permanent Colour, £6.99

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