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This skincare brand makes looking after your face simple.

Whether you know your Hyaluronic Acid from your Niacinamide, your skin has probably changed during or after pregnancy…and you might now feel utterly lost about what to use.

Tropic Skincare is an incredible brand that feeds the skin with nutritious, natural ingredients, and has a brilliant ethos that protects our planet.

If that wasn’t enough, the brand also has a clever tool that makes choosing your skincare simple.

Read on to find out more….

The Easiest and Most Effective Skincare Routine

From cleansers to masks, these are the products you need and why…

Cleansing : Should I be double cleansing?

Cleansing isn’t that complicated; It’s just another word for cleaning. There’s no need to double cleanse or have different types of cleansers, unless your lifestyle causes your skin to require them. Living or working in a polluted city and wearing SPF or make-up are the main reasons for a good clean. If you live in the countryside, haven’t worn make-up in days and shower daily, you only need a light cleanse.

We love: Tropic Smoothing Cleanser
We love: Tropic Smoothing Cleanser

This creamy, gentle cleanser can be used morning and night, to remove make-up and impurities. We love the smell, but like most Tropic products, there’s an unscented version for supersensitive skin.

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Serums: Which serum should I use?

Serums are essential if you want to get better skin. Depending on your skin type, most mums wish for their skin to look less tired, wanting to reverse the 10+ years our kids have added to our faces. This is where a serum steps in. Your morning pals are Vit C for brightness, and Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides for plumping. In the evening, you want to reach for nourishing Peptides and Retinal for reducing signs of ageing.
Use serums wisely and at the right time, and you’re on to a win.

We Love: Glow Berry Brightening Serum
We Love: Glow Berry Brightening Serum

This lovely brightening serum helps reduce pregnancy pigmentation (dark spots) and hydrates the skin. You can use it in the morning or at night. If you like to alternate your am and pm products, we recommend using it as part of your morning routine. That way, it will protect your skin from pollutants and free radicals all day.

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Moisturiser: Do I need to moisturise if I use serum?

Repeat after us: Never ever, will I ever forget to wear my moisturiser. Why? Because it’s your skin’s protection against everything. Your moisturiser is the layer that keeps your skin from being attacked by external aggressors which cause damage and ageing. These things can be as simple as wind and rain or as severe as UV rays and pollution. Your moisturiser keeps your skin plump, happy and protected, so never underestimate it.

We love: Tropic Skin Feast Nourishing Moisturiser
We love: Tropic Skin Feast Nourishing Moisturiser

A great one for tired faces, this contains skin brightening Vitamin C and is full of antioxidants and ingredients that hydrate and protect your skin.

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Should I wear SPF in Winter?

If there’s no protective SPF factor in your daily face cream, then make sure you layer one on top. And yes, you should wear one even in winter!

We love: Tropic Sun Day Facial UV Defence
We love: Tropic Sun Day Facial UV Defence

This lightweight, fast-absorbing SPF50 facial sunscreen sinks in immediately to protect you from daily UV damage. It’s also blended with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, tropical Banana Flower extract to calm, and Prebiotics to nourish your skin’s microbiome.

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What About Masks and Exfoliating?

We’re busy people, and while we’d love to be masking our faces every other day and having weekly facials. It’s just not realistic. So do what you can. Exfoliate weekly with a gentle chemical exfoliator, and mask when you can with a nourishing and hydrating formula. If you haven’t had time, don’t stress about it. As your kids get older, you’ll make more time for yourself, and your skincare regime can become more of a priority. For now, just keep it simple.

We love: Tropic Comfort Food Deep Hydration
We love: Tropic Comfort Food Deep Hydration

This is great for hydration and has a lovely natural scent, which makes the whole experience so soothing. Not only is it good for tired, dehydrated skin, but it also soothes inflammation. Apply it as much as you like, whenever you want.
*Keep it in the fridge once opened for freshness – seeing it all the time will also act as a reminder to use.

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Still Feel Unsure About What Use?

Figuring out what your skin needs can feel daunting, especially if it’s changed because of a hormone shift and you’re now looking at a total flip of your skincare regime. Stepping into a beauty hall or expensive shop (you know the one) can fill anyone with fear, as you unsurprisingly feel pressure to purchase. Tropic take all that stress away, not only because you can do it online, but because the brand also has a skincare selector, which helps you choose a routine containing all the basics you need. It’s the easiest way to pick new products.

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If you want even more advice, Tropic has a Skincare Routine Finder for people who want to fix a skin issue like breakouts or dark spots. It’s also great for those who aren’t that clued up on what products they need or want. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, and then Tropic will email you a bespoke list of suggestions. No obligation to buy, just good, honest and effective advice. 

Why We Love Tropic Skincare…

There is no greenwashing with this brand; all of the botanicals used in their products are sustainably sourced, and the formulations are freshly made every day in Tropic’s Surrey Beauty Kitchen. With no artificial preservatives or toxins, you know the 100% natural and vegan recipes will be kind to your skin. Plus 10% of all profits goes to charities and good causes.

What Tropic Do For The Planet

Tropic is determined to do good beyond beauty. From every formula the brand perfects to every carbon emission it offsets, and every child’s education it funds (over 6mil days of education in the last four years). Tropic is always guided by its Infinite Purpose: to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. Most recently, Tropic ditched Black Friday for ‘Give Back Friday’, funding over 73,000 schooldays for children in the world’s poorest, most remote regions via their long-term partnership with UWS (United World Schools).

Be Your Own Boss With Tropic

Tropic empowers people to be their own boss with its ambassador programme, which provides the chance for flexible working, a minimum 25% commission, with no targets. And this January, Tropic is hosting 16 events around the country, where you can learn about the brand’s incredible ethos and Ambassador programme. Hosted by Tropic’s Founder and CEO, Susie Ma, your £5 ticket to the talk gets you a goodie bag featuring the brand’s newest innovation. So, even if you decide it’s not for you, you still walk away winning.

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