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It’s a prerequisite that all toddlers throw tantrums in supermarkets, right? Surely, it’…
  • The Mum Club

      It’s a prerequisite that all toddlers throw tantrums in supermarkets, right? Surely, it’s not a thing that some parents don’t use the word no. But when should you be implementing something like a naughty step or quiet time? Ask other mums here, and find out if it’s ever acceptable to use a cage?… Joking, not joking.

    • Samantha Alarcon

        You would expect that having done it before, I’d know how to survive the terrible two stage but…. here I am, seeking advice. I think it is similar to child birth and an element of amnesia where you forget all the suffering you went through… but this time around I also find I have less patience because we’re outnumbered with three kids. Any advice for dealing with terrible two’s and keeping sanity(!!) welcome.

        • Lydia House

            I’m in the same boat as you! Nursery have given me some tips about asking them to put on their listening ears and that we won’t be friends if anymore if they do a certain something. We’ve introduced time outs and recently started doing a warning of a count to 3, which weirdly seems to work amazingly well, so maybe nursery do that too. If they attend a childcare setting you could ask them for some tips too. Hope that helps. x

        • Lydia House

            My toddler pulls at my hair when he gets stressed or tired. He started doing it to himself and made a bald patch, so we shaved his head. He stopped, so we let it grow back. But he’s started again. I think it’s a phase but often I think about getting external help. Has anyone else had this?

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