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Baby won’t stop crying? And you’re feeling desperate? Everyone out there will suggest i…
  • The Mum Club

      Baby won’t stop crying? And you’re feeling desperate? Everyone out there will suggest it’s colic but when do you know if your newborn actually has it? And do any remedies work? See what other mums tried and what helped them here.

    • Georgina Bartok

        My baby boy suffered with colic quite badly. He is bottle fed and the hv suggested changing his milk to the comfort formula and we have found it really worked! He has been much more settled for weeks now. xo

      • Nikki Farrell

          My baby boy is 4 months old and had colic for the first 3 months. We changed his milk to comfort milk after advice from the HV and it was great, combined with infacol. We also did a course on baby massage and massaged my sons tummy every nappy time for a few minutes and this helped a lot. There’s a good video on YouTube by Mumma Love Organics, baby massage for colic which taught us quick ideas for nappy time massage. He’s now happily back onto first infant milk but still enjoys his massages so we’ve not stopped those xx

        • Amy Littler

            Infacol worked wonders for our baby between the hours of 5-9pm when he was around 3-8 weeks old!

          • Laura Thompson

              The doctors say my baby has reflux but I really think it’s something else and I don’t know what to do. Any ideas??

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                    • Tamara B

                        My first-born also suffered with colic. It was a sleepless and restless stage for both me and bub. I don’t really know much about colic as a first-time mum that time. I did asked around for advice from friends who were also mums. Pigeon baby bottle has helped us together with baby massage and burping baby more often during feedings.

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