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Honestly, who knew that feeding your baby could feel so overwhelming. TV shows and movies portrayed…
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      Honestly, who knew that feeding your baby could feel so overwhelming. TV shows and movies portrayed it to be the easiest thing in the world! But it’s bloody hard! Want to know what other mums used for formula? How to relieve sore nips? Or get a proper latch? Ask away here.

    • Laura Woods

        Due my first baby this coming July, and wondering whether to buy a breast pump in case I need one in those first weeks / whether to wait? Any advice on this would be amazing x

      • Michelle Myers

          Laura, I bought one just in case and kept the receipt. I wasn’t sure if breastfeeding would work and they are very expensive if it doesn’t work out. But I was so glad I did. When my milk came in with my first little boy it gave me a lot of relief from the engorgement. It was worth it just for that but I did then go on to use it regularly and then again with my second son with all new tubing etc.

        • Anna Sitnikova

            Pure lab helped a lot with sore nipples and lactation consultant help a lot with proper latch.

          • Anna Sitnikova

              Purelan by medela  helped a lot with sore nipples and lactation consultant help a lot with proper latch.

            • Sophie Doughty

                Hi Laura, I wasn’t sure either but once I’d had the babies (triplets) the hospital told me I could rent a breast pump from Medela which is what I have done it’s £50 a month and when your done you just send it back. Hope that helps x

              • Victoria Fisher

                  I wasn’t going to buy one but a friend gave me their electric pump and I’m so glad I had it in the cupboard! I got such bad mastitis when my milk came in that my baby couldn’t latch on & the only way to drain my right boob was to pump. I’ve used it ever since and really feel it’s helped me stay on my breast feeding journey so I’d say it’s worth buying one just in case, just keep the receipt!

                • Vikki Patel

                    Hi Mums,

                    I have a 1 year old who has never really taken to solids well. I know it’s food before 1 is just for fun, but obviously we are past that stage now.

                    Has anyone been through anything similar? Does it get better?




                    • Bethany Jones

                        Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my 1 y/o to stop throwing food on the floor!?

                    • Dan Rowland


                      • Lan Anqi


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                          • James Ruiz

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