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Does diet, stress levels and habits affect my fertility? Is there anything other mums changed to he…
  • The Mum Club

      Does diet, stress levels and habits affect my fertility? Is there anything other mums changed to help them conceive? And is stressing about having a baby really a factor when it comes to conception? Check in to see what others are doing to increase their chances.

    • Marija Metikos

        I am a first time mama to an almost 2 year old & we have been thinking about our second baby. We have been trying for a while and life is so much more different this time around which inevitably has an effect on everything else. I am now back to working full time and the job doesn’t stop when I get home. We are enjoying our little one and hoping that all turns out well in the future for us..

      • James Franko

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        • Charlie Flint

            What medications can pregnant and breastfeeding women take? Sometimes I really need to somehow cope with stomach discomfort, heartburn or heaviness, but I don’t risk taking any medications.

          • Gifford Chrétien

              I think that such moments are best discussed not on forums on the Internet, but with your doctor. Nevertheless, it seems to me that various natural, safe dietary supplements without side effects can be a good solution. To improve digestion, I can recommend Gundry MD Bio Complete 3. But still, consult your doctor so as not to risk it.

            • Alex Seen

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              • Arlet Amiri

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                  • Tamara B

                      My partner and I struggled to have our second child. We were advised to have a healthy & balanced diet and manage stress, and it has thankfully worked for us. Our eldest child was 8 years old when I finally became pregnant with our second child. For anyone seeking help, a Naturopath can assist with fertility and preconception care.

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