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You might be worried about announcing you’re pregnant or questioning, how long is the ‘right’ amoun…
  • Lauren Webber

      You might be worried about announcing you’re pregnant or questioning, how long is the ‘right’ amount to take for maternity leave? What if you work for yourself? Help each other navigate this new journey here.

    • Yasmin Bibi

        Hi everyone

        I am currently 36 weeks pregnant i leave work on in 2 days to start my maternity leave! I worked as much as i could (part time) my plan was to take 2 weeks annual leave and then start my Maternity leave 1 weeks before due date so i can make the most of my time off! So far it has gone to plan unless baby decides to come early like my first child! – hope that helps x

      • Yasmin Bibi

          <p style=”text-align: left;”>I forgot to mention I mentioned to my manager i was pregnant when i was around 8 weeks due to Covid and working front line i wanted to ensure she was aware for the safety of my child and me x</p>

        • Kennedy Beavis

            <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello, I’m currently 25 weeks and a teacher and my other teacher friends have spoken briefly about shared parental leave during maternity, but unsure as to whether that would affect the partners pay or just mainly affect my pay? Any advice if you e done this before would be great :)</p>

          • Satd Lad

              hello mothers

            • Satd Lad

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