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Anyone else see Instagram captions paired with baby photos that say, ‘Thank you, darling baby…
  • The Mum Club

      Anyone else see Instagram captions paired with baby photos that say, ‘Thank you, darling baby, #Best6MonthsOfMyLife’ and think WTF??! The first few months are draining, both mentally and physically, and while we love our little ones, waking up every hour throughout the night is not how we gage a good time. Is everyone else lying, or do they really feel like that? Hopefully, you’ll find some honesty here.

    • Bethany Jones

        At what point are you no longer postpartum? My son is 15 months and I still feel in a frazzled haze of tiredness, none of my clothes fit me and I live in loungewear. Pre having kids myself I think I thought that postpartum meant just a few months after your baby but now I think is it a lifetime? Just wondering what anyone else thinks?

        • Nicola McIntyre

            Ha! No idea when you stop being post-partum. I think your body can take up to 2 years to physically recover so don’t beat yourself up about not ‘bouncing back’ into your old clothes. Your clothes have to be so functional after a baby too. I hope your motherhood journey is going well. X

        • Carlos Stewart

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            • Page Morrsion

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                • Sergiy CharlesDaniels

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