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Potty training

It seems simple in our heads; we tell the baby, ‘You go poo poo in the loo!’, and then …
  • The Mum Club

      It seems simple in our heads; we tell the baby, ‘You go poo poo in the loo!’, and then it happens. Alas, like everything that involves baby crap, there is bound to be a day or two that it ends up on your arm. But how did other mothers tackle this new puppy training mission, and what’s the best cleaner for your carpet? Find out here.

    • Jessica Lawes

        Twin boys (3),  great in the day but still have very full nappies at night. Any tips on how to get rid of night time nappies?

      • Bethany Parker

          I recently had a zoom call with a potty training specialist and she advised that you don’t need to do anything with over night training as it is simply a developmental thing by bladder size, age etc and will happen when the body is ready so just wait until they start having dry nappies. Once they have for a week or so then you can try not using a nappy and see if it continues


        • Jessica Lawes

            Amazing, thanks for your reply Bethany!

          • Georgina Suttle

              I could definitely do with some advice here! I have a little girl coming up to 2 1/2, we’re not in a rush to potty train, happy to go at her pace but she has started asking to go to the toilet & doing a wee on the potty which is great… BUT she will not poo, and not just in the potty she won’t go in her nappy either which has lead to constipation. I’m giving her lactolose which is helping a bit, but does anyone else have experience of this? Is it related to potty training? Or is the potty training coincidental?

            • Kirsty Truman

                Hi I really could use some help/advice with potty training. My little boy is 4 and starting school in September he is fully potty trained in doing his wee on the toilet but I cannot crack poo on the potty/toilet. I have tried books/ different seats/reward charts/ no pants/ said we can go to Legoland when he is fully trained. I have tried kindle time on the toilet/ we have a watch that chimes to remind him to go. I really don’t know what to do and I am concerned he won’t be fully trained for big boy school. Can anyone offer any help/ advice. I have tried to contact GP for help but they just say he will do it when he is ready. I feel exhausted and worried.

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