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Silly us, we assumed they’d get the hang of this sleep thing by now. But growing up brings ne…
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      Silly us, we assumed they’d get the hang of this sleep thing by now. But growing up brings new hurdles. Like how the hell do we get them to stay in their bed and GO TO SLEEP! Share your woes and worries here and find out if anyone else has the answer.

    • Jessica Hay

        I need help! My 19 month old has been waking up at 5:40am every morning for the last 3 weeks. I cannot get him past 6am!! He has a good schedule during the day and will have one nap at lunch anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours. Not matter how long his day nap he still won’t stay asleep past 6am.

        I leave him in bed until 6am and don’t go in his room either as if I do it’s game over and he wants up. I don’t know what to do to make him sleep later.

        He goes to bed by 7pm. I even tried moving it later to 7:30pm, still didn’t work.


        Please help!

      • Lorne Jamieson

          Hi Jessica,

          Could you try cutting down the nap to half an hour to 1 hour max. and don’t let him sleep past 2PM for his nap so he will still go down at usual time.  You might already have this but blackout curtains/blinds.  Fingers crossed it is maybe just a phase too!x


        • Kirsty Hughes

            I’m pretty much exactly the same! 19month old who will NOT sleep through the night lately… I was happy with one get up which is what it’s usually been but lately it’s 2 or on a bad night 3! Then he’s up the crack of dawn! We have a set routine each evening, he has a nap most days (unless he’s in nursery and it’s then broken) , we don’t however have a blackout blind which I see why that would affect the morning but unsure what else to try for the night? Any suggestions welcome!

            im also going to shoot myself in the foot here and prepare to be slapped on the Hans but he’s also having milk in the night still too. ?

            any help appreciated ??

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