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Deliberating if the cry out method is a bit cruel and when you can actually do it? Do you need to r…
  • The Mum Club

      Deliberating if the cry out method is a bit cruel and when you can actually do it? Do you need to reduce day naps to bag a better night’s sleep? Plus, how the hell do people even get their babies to sleep through successfully? Share in the madness, dissolve the lies and *hopefully find out some insider secrets here.

    • Lauren Webber

        My Daughter Wakes up every morning really early. We feel like we’ve tried everything. Anyone got any pointers. She goes to bed at 7.

      • Alice Curry

          I’m sure you have…but…have you tried a ‘Gro Clock’? I swear by them, especially when they’re a little older and can really grasp the concept! I always say if they wake before the sun, stay in bed and read a book. Or I leave a little pile of sticker books etc by their bedand switch it up each day to keep them occupied…meaning a little extra sleep for you! Also, a dinner rich in iron, and things like pure cherry juice (mixed into yog or a smoothie), almonds, or a banana before bed are great for boosting the melatonin levels.

        • Nikki Farrell

            We’ve hit the 4 month sleep regression, though my boys sleep never progressed from waking every 3 hours anyway ha! Any ideas on how to help soothe him back to sleep at 3am?

          • Leanne Bone

              My baby has started waking at 5am, how can I get him to sleep in a bit longer as this is tiring!! Sometimes he goes back to sleep, but by 6am he’s awake for the day.
              We settle him at 6pm with a bottle and can’t drag his bedtime routine out any longer than 5:30 as he gets really grizzly.
              Any tips??

            • Amy Littler

                My baby is restless all night although he is sleeping 8.30-7.30. He moves all night in his sleep but is not waking up for a feed. Just sometimes needs cuddling back to sleep. He is  keeping me up most of the night? what can I do???

              • Emma Howarth

                  Putting our little girl in a sleeping bag has been a game changer as she sleeps for much longer periods between feeds now.  We did a bit of research and found that Which? recommended the safety ratings of sleeping bags from Asda, John Lewis and Mamas and Papas.

                • Chloe Rogers

                    Looking for recommendations for baby monitors; ideally I want one that has two seperate cameras for different rooms and all links together but can also connect to my phone?

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                        • Pera Toj

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