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Can us mums every achieve work life balance? Maybe you feel like you’re nailing navigating between …
  • Lauren Webber

      Can us mums every achieve work life balance? Maybe you feel like you’re nailing navigating between the two, or maybe you’re struggling to juggle the two completely. Share your experiences and feel supported.

    • Marie Darmyn

        Personally, I couldn’t achieve those, especially with an unsupportive husband (now ex-husband). I have no family in the UK (I’m French) so there’s no relative who can step in to help for a bit.

        Working in corporate, it just didn’t work, nor made sense as whatever I’d earn would go into childcare which is extortionate! So I stayed home to stay with my son and got really depressed. I’ve worked all my life, and suddenly, my life came to a standstill.

        Fast forward and I started my own business which is allowing me the freedom to work around my son’s school hours and build a career I love. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m getting there. To me, it was the only way I could ever make it happen.

      • Cat Ford

          Working from home and having a super supportive partner who works evenings/nights definitely makes it easier to achieve that balance! Sometimes it can be hard to find that ‘me time’ though

        • Nicole Knight

            New to the mum club! This is a big topic for me, came from working in retail full time to  30 hours in the NHS fresh out matt leave after being made redundant, to now working in education! I find the term time really helps the mum guilt. It’s really difficult when the only reason you work is simply financial reasons! If I could only work 2 days and not send my daughter to nursery every day I so would! But lately I’ve made a move to 4 days a week and term time and I really feel like I have that work life balance! The money isn’t great, but I can pay my bills and my daughter loves nursery and then gets me 1 day a week in the week, and weekends and school holidays! It’s still difficult but it almost feels worth it when we get that quality time today and we value every second ❣️

          • Samanah Duran

              Hey ladies! New here… just wondering how long it took for you to return back to work postpartum?

            • Christopher Walker

                All this is actually very interesting.

              • Kim Jones

                  Parents often struggle to find a balance between work and personal life while also encouraging their kids to pursue hobbies. How do you help your child in finding and pursuing their interests while maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

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                    • Kim Jones

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                      • Kim Jones

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                              • Kelly Topping

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                                    • William Byrd

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                                          • Harry Jkevin

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