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Basic Personal Needs = Self Care

Find yourself now asking if it’s ok if you go and have a shower? Or you’re announcing every time you leave to make tea or go for a pee? Just remember your basic human rights and maybe next time just go!

Self Care Can’t Include Sleep When You’re a Parent

We might have signed up for sleepless nights and early mornings; but actual exhaustion is no joke. So make sure you take a break. Throw away all the shame and nap when and wherever you can. Whether it’s sleeping while grandparents come over or leave a cushion in the car so you can snooze when kids inevitably sleep after swimming.
Try inputting things like rotating lie ins with a partner or scheduling in time where the children are shipped off to Nannie’s for the night. Whatever works, it’s all essential to prevent you burning out.

Self Care Costs Money

Don’t get us wrong; we love a good 90 minute massage but you don’t need to splash out on a spa day to fill your proverbial cup. You can do simple things like switching off the TV and breaking into the book you’ve been dying to read. Or leaving a house full of washing to meet a friend for a walk.
Even just stopping for a moment and taking in a big deep breath or stretch will do wonders for your body and brain.

We Have to Justify Self-Care

When someone helps us with the kids, we’re not sure why we feel we have to justify why we’re taking time out and saying things like;
“Oh, I’ve been so stressed and ill recently and my hair is just out of control. I’ve not had it cut in a year. I promise I’ll only be…. We’ve even found ourselves saying we’re at the doctors or physio, when in reality it’s massage or mani.
Remember, you deserve that break. So take it with pride.
*And take longer than you need!

There’s a Right or Wrong Way

According to the NHS the definition of self-care is ‘the practice of consciously doing things that preserve or improve your mental or physical health’. Translation: It’s an essential and integral part of keeping you healthy.
For some people that might be running 10k or practicing yoga. For others it might be binge watching Netflix and consuming an entire Easter Egg. Do what makes you feel better. If it’s a few hours where you just do nothing, then so be it. Move, or don’t move. You do you!

Self Care Has to be Complicated

Keep hearing about how others feel incredible now they meditate daily, have a Matcha instead of a morning coffee and their screen time is basically zero? Well, while that’s great for them. Some days are just about survival. Self-care doesn’t have to be unrealistic or stressful. Instead it can be tiny things that make you feel good, like taking the time to apply some make up or skincare, sitting in the sun with a coffee or putting on a new dress that’s not covered in baby vom.

Self Care Means Being Alone

Sometimes lying in a dark room alone is absolutely what we need; and sometimes seeking out friends and the company of others fills our soul. There’s nothing a coffee, cake and a chat with a good mate can’t fix.

Self Care is Only for Women

Boys need me-time too! (*And possibly why they spend 3 hours a day sat on the loo).

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