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Lost your mojo? Plot in some self-love and mix up your style with these three different positions. *Blush

Losing Your Mojo After You’ve Had a Baby

Not only do our bodies physically change after we’ve had a baby, but they’ve also been used for a whole new purpose, which can affect how you feel about them. It can be hard to reconnect to the sexual feelings you tapped into before and not just see yourself as a mum. On top of that, you’re tired, busy and, on most days, over-touched. Sex might be the furthest thing from your mind right now. And that’s ok! There is no rush.

How a Bit of Self-Love Can Help Your Sex Drive

Women’s Health Advocate Clio Wood says, “Your body has transformed during pregnancy and birth; your mind is different too. What turns you on and how you feel in your body might be different to before. Sex can feel slightly daunting when we don’t know what to expect, so spending some time alone masturbating or touching your body can help you reconnect with yourself and know what you want from sex with your partner.”

3 Different Ways to Masturbate

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