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Who knew leaving the house could be so hard?

Not only does it feel like you’re packing for a holiday (we wish!). But you need to navigate feeds, nappies and tantrums, all while making yourself look presentable (ish).

And then when you finally feel ready, you realise the ever-disappearing red book or bank cards have gone AWOL again!  

But what if we told you that getting outside can not only improve your mental and physical health but can also help with a whole host of other things too – including sleep!

Interested? Well, to give you the kick you might need, we’ve teamed up with outdoor clothing specialists and family-focused brand Regatta to explain how getting up and going doesn’t need to be a huge stress.

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors

You’ll feel happier

When you’re exhausted it’s tempting to hide your tired face from the world. And, of course it’s important to try and recoup lost sleep, but if you can slot in a little walk, we guarantee your mood will improve. Integrative Health Coach Rosie Underwood says, “A lot of my clients that are new Mums find it hard to step outside as getting out of the house isn’t as easy as it used to be.” “But it’s important to make it a priority”, says Rosie. “It reminds you that you’re part of something much bigger. Walking outside is a natural anti-depressant. It helps calm the mind and body, and it can improve breathing and help connect you back to yourself”. It is also scientifically proven that natural light suppresses melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone), which means getting out into the daylight during your waking hours can help conquer a low mood. And it doesn’t have to be a trek. Even just 10-15 minutes will make a massive difference to your day.

It breaks up the day

Ever entertained your child with a game, looked at the clock and realised only a few minutes have passed? When you go for a walk, you can waste away a good hour, which really breaks up the day.

It’s guilt-free entertainment

Feeling guilty about putting your little one in front of another episode of Peppa Pig? Sometimes, when we lack energy, a highchair, snacks, and a screen can feel like the only option. Try taking a walk instead. Popping your child in the pram gives them 360 degrees of entertainment and It’s also a great way to teach them about animals and objects. And the best bit? It lets you have a moment of peace. Whether you use the walk to make some phone calls, catch up on texts or take in some fresh air, you and your kids will reap the benefit of this brilliant alternative to TV.

Your skin will glow

A brisk daily walk will increase blood flow and, in turn, help your skin to glow. Hello bright happy skin!

You & your baby will sleep better

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to tire out toddlers, babies and even adults. This is because there’s more oxygen outside than inside your house, which increases your serotonin levels and makes you feel calm, happy, and relaxed. Studies have shown natural light and air can help encourage a better night’s sleep for all. And that includes you – hopefully!

How to leave the house like a pro. No, seriously, it’s a skill.

Go in the morning

Fill your cup with some morning goodness, and no, we don’t mean coffee – but that’s a great excuse to leave the house. Integrative Health Coach Rosie Underwood says, “Go out before lunch, and you’ll feel better for the rest of the day. It’s always best to go for a walk first thing as we tend to leave it too late and then never go”. Forget any chores like washing up or laundry and deal with them later.

Be prepared

Always feel like you’re in a rush? Pack a bag or fill your pram the night before and then get your outfit ready. It might feel like the last thing you want to do but trust us, it will save you so much time, effort, and stress in the morning.

Make your life easy

Save time spent weighing up the weather, and if you should pack and umbrella and invest in the perfect “chuck on” coat. Our suggestion is something comfortable, waterproof and trendy (so you don’t need to worry too much about what’s underneath). The Adasha Waterproof Jacket is ideal for spring walks; featuring Isotex fabric and a hood, you will be fully protected if and when the heaven’s open. It also features a pull-cord waist to give a feminine and flattering silhouette.

Reward yourself

There’s nothing better than coming home from a cold walk to a hot cup of tea or chocolate. Get the heating on and stock up your cupboards with some treats, so you have something to look forward to when you get back indoors. Now that’s what we call incentive.

Buddy up

Commit to your daily dose by meeting a friend. That way you’re more likely to do it as you don’t want to let them down. And even if you end up sheltering in a café, you’ll have made it out of the house and will feel a million times better for it.

Get the right gear

Soppy wet shoes and clothes can make anyone feel sad. Make sure your outerwear has you protected by choosing high quality outerwear and footwear. Here are some of our favorites:

Why TMC readers love Regatta


Juggling the motherload can only be done by getting outside. I used to train a lot pre-babies, and I was always told there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit. And yes, my life has changed a bit, but I still live by that motto, and I have a Regatta jacket that I always wear when I’m walking the dog (and the kids).


Whether I’m on a nursery run or taking my baby out for a stroll, I always rely on Regatta clothing to keep me warm and dry. I love my Regatta coat, and when I throw it on over leggings and a jumper, it makes me feel instantly put together.


I had a caesarean in January, and I was nervous to even start walking but I found getting out for a few minutes a day and then building up my strength helped boost my mood and improved how I felt after my traumatic birth. My Regatta coat was an absolute lifeline, and it made it seem easy even when it was crazy cold.


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