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1. An Hour Alone at Home with Absolutely Nothing to Do.

Like truly, properly alone. Imagine: a clean house in complete silence, washing basket empty, food shop done. And 60 whole minutes to sit in glorious silence, take a bath, or read a book not written by Julia Donaldson.

2. To Stay in a Hotel Sans Kids.

No yelling in the middle of the night, the possibility of room service, day naps, a lie-in. And if we’re really feeling free – maybe even sex!!!

3. To Not Have to Think About All the Things

Is there AI for the ‘Mental Load’ yet? And if so, can you just input it into our brains.

4. To Not Pick Food Up off The Floor

Thinking about attaching mop heads to their feet tbh.

5. A Trip to The Cinema

Or a lie down in a dark room. We’re not fussy.

6. A Spa Day

The closest we get these days is our toddler driving their toy cars over our back. *2 out of 10 would not recommend.

7. A Good TV Box Set We Can Get Addicted To

Netflix? Completed it mate. We’re now onto the archives.

8. Comfy Joggers That Pass as Daywear.

We never thought we’d be those people. And here we are.

9. The Chance to Dress Up

Somewhere hidden underneath the mum bun and stain-covered clothes, there’s a once-stylish fashionista dying to get out, *if she can be arsed.

11. To Have a Lie in That Doesn’t Sound Like World War II

Why when it’s our turn, is everything SO F*CKING LOUD!?

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