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Maternity leave isn’t without its career worries. Will your job still be there when I go back? Will having kids affect your chances of promotion? How will you juggle childcare with your career? And the biggest anxiety of all… after nine months of broken nights and zero adult interaction, does baby brain ever really go away?

So let’s reframe: you’ve learnt some bona fide transferable skills on that year-long ‘break’ (and don’t get us started on that one). Don’t believe us? Read on…

Military-style Organisation

Mums achieve more before breakfast than most people do all day. Kids up and dressed, laundry on, lunches prepped, unscheduled morning bath due to unprecedented poonami, house tidied… and you still managed a flash of mascara while simultaneously breastfeeding the baby and helping your partner find his keys (where he left them; always). A good mum thinks ten steps ahead at all times – you can’t say that’s not transferable.

Negotiation Tactics

Whoever said ‘never negotiate with terrorists’ has clearly never dealt with a toddler; getting a vegetable past one of these requires the skill set of a highly trained FBI agent. “Just smell the broccoli sweetheart, then have an ice cream”. Bargaining, persuasion, bribery: you name it, you’ve mastered it.

Communication Skills

After a year of juggling multiple WhatsApp groups (including three different configurations of the girls from NCT) your comms management is on fire. Not only can you run seven conversations in tandem (“looks like just a rash babe, but I’d get it checked anyway”) you’re managing a weekly diary more complicated than your average CEO’s.

Relationship Building

Walking into a dusty church hall 15 minutes late with leaking boobs and a screaming new born used to be unnerving. Now? You can flash a boob at a stranger without missing a beat of your carefully honed small talk. In fact, you’re instant mates with anyone old enough to string a sentence together.


There’s no better feeling than handing a clean, dry and well-fed babe to your other half when they get home at the end of the day… and tapping out for a bath/essential online shopping/a very slow walk around the supermarket. Working together is tricky, but on the days you nail it you’ll feel like the dream team.


We love dads, we really do, but it’s no secret that when they’re ‘looking after the baby’, they’re just… looking after the baby. By the end of mat leave you’ll have 12 things on the go at any one time, all meticulously completed while you rock the bouncer with a spare foot and catch up on Netflix.

Problem Solving

Sally has 12 minutes to do the Aldi shop before the school run. The baby has fallen asleep in the car seat, she’s forgotten the pram, it’s raining, and she doesn’t have a pound coin for the trolley.

Financial Planning

Anyone who’s attempted to get by on statutory maternity leave for six months has serious fiscal skills. You fed your family, kept them (and yourself) entertained 24/7, and switched gas and electricity providers more often than Kim K posts selfies. Stick that in your YOY.

Creative Thinking

No toys, no problem; there is no scenario you can’t make a game out of. Dried pasta and a colander are the new soft play and you are Mary Poppins in activewear.

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