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The best budget one, the Whispering Angel dupe and the one you buy as a gift.

The Whispering Angel Dupe

It makes us feel a bit cross about how much Whispering Angel costs. We like it, but no way is it worth the price tag. This one from Aldi is so good, cheap, and, in our opinion, tastes the same.

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The One We Buy as a Gift

Not only does this taste great, but it looks beautiful too—the perfect gift for a friend or for yourself.

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The Best Value One

We love this rosé. It’s reasonably priced and an easy drinker that’s so fresh and light that even a four-year-old would like it. Sorry pals, Mummy’s wine is spicy!

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The No-Sugar one

This light and fresh-tasting Pinot Grigio is perfect for a summer’s day and doesn’t contain sugar. Plus, The Mum Club members get 20% off by using the code: MUMCLUB

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The Non-Low Alcoholic One

Many no- and low-alcohol alternatives are very sweet, but this one is not. Great if you’re pregnant or cutting back on booze.

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