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Bookmark this now. And when people ask you what you want for Xmas (and you have zero brain cells left to think), you can forward this on, and say ‘yes please to all’. 

Gifts for a New Mum

The Best Self Care Picks…

“Nothing says self care quite like lighting the good candles.”

“Can’t nap in the day? You need a blocks out everything eye mask!”

“Who knew we would ever be so obsessed about a giant headband.”

Tech & Accessories

“The cult Roberts radio has given birth to a little baby – perfect for bedsides.”

“We’re obsessed with this hair tool. An essential for creating perfect curls.”

Fashionable Items For You

“If you can’t ask for cashmere at Christmas, when can you?”

“Wear their names on your heart.”

Gifts to Enjoy Indoors…

Flower subscriptions, personalised recipe jugs and wine on tap – we’ll take it all!

“Welcome to my house but please leave by nine.”

“Dare we say we want to be plant mums now?”

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