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125 g fresh lasagne sheets
2 spring onions
80 g spinach
60 g smoked salmon (2 slices)
½ a lemon
5 g Parmesan cheese
olive oil
1 tablespoon cottage cheese
optional: extra virgin olive oil


1. Boil the kettle. Cut the lasagne sheets in half lengthways, then into 2cm strips, using a crinkle-cut knife, if you’ve got one. Trim the spring onions and finely chop with the spinach and half the salmon. Finely grate the lemon zest, then the Parmesan, keeping them separate. Put a 28cm frying pan on a high heat.

2. Once hot, put a little drizzle of olive oil into the pan with the spring onions, spinach, chopped salmon and lemon zest. Scatter the pasta into the pan, then carefully pour in enough boiling kettle water to just cover the pasta – about 250ml. Let it bubble away for 4 minutes, or until the pasta has absorbed most of the water and you’ve got a nice sauce, stirring regularly and loosening with an extra splash of water, if needed. Turn the heat off, squeeze in the lemon juice, stir in the cottage cheese and Parmesan, then season to perfection. Delicately tear over the remaining salmon, and finish with a kiss of extra virgin olive oil, if you like.

Recipe from https://www.jamieoliver.com/

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