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We used to think we were pretty chill; then we had a baby. The Mum rage is real people, and we can’t blame it all on postpartum hormones…

When Someone Parks in Parent & Child Who Isn’t a Parent and Does Not Have a Child

We endured 9 months of pregnancy and ripped our lady bits in two to earn this parenting perk; and we’ll be damned if a spotty teenager in a sodding Vauxhall Corsa gets to enjoy those 2 extra feet of door-opening space.

When Another Kid Hits Your Kid

Your voice might be saying: ‘Oh don’t worry, they all do it, he gives as good as he gets!’ but your brain is thinking ‘you stay away from my baby you little shit’.

When Your Toddler Waves At Someone And They Don’t Wave Back

Who hurt you?! How could you resist the greeting of my adorable baby’s chubby little hand?!

When People Get Your Baby’s Gender Wrong

A pink dress and a giant bow isn’t enough of a clue for you people?! How about the blanket with her name on it or the sippy cup that says ‘Mummy’s Little Princess?’ NO? REALLY?!

When Your Baby Hurts You

For someone who can barely hold a spoon, toddlers can’t half pack a powerful punch. When they’re not cutting their teeth on your nipples or they’re ripping chunks out of your already-balding-postpartum-head.

When Your Mother in Law Favours The Other Grandchildren

We know it’s probably us being totally irrational, entirely unreasonable etc etc, but is it too much to ask that everyone in the whole world thinks our child is the most special human being on the entire planet?

When Strangers Touch Your Newborn

We have no idea who you are, or where your probably filthy germ-infested hands have been, but back the hell off and STEP AWAY FROM THE BABY.

When Older Kids Won’t Give Your Kid a Turn

Ever stared out a 10-year-old because they wouldn’t get their skinny little bottom off the baby swing? We have, and we have absolutely zero shame.

When Someone Judges You For Feeding Your Baby

Oh hey there! These are breasts! 50% of the population have them! We haven’t whacked them out for shits and giggles, we actually require them to keep our tiny human alive. Move along people.

When Someone Comments On Your Baby Body

‘You’re so big! When are you due?’
The kids in pre-school Karen, go mind your goddamn business!

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